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What to wear instead of flip flops?

Most of the men wear flip-flops as the summer arrives. And this is quite fine if you’re at the pool or the beach, but, only there, not everywhere. There are many other men's shoes that are recommended to wear in casual, despite of wearing flip-flops.

Must have Boots for Women this Season

Are you on the hunt for the perfect pair of boots? Or just seeking fall inspiration? Well, that season has come when it’s time to trade in your summer flip-flops for a pair of boots. I love hearing the clank of my boots hit the cement on a nice, dry day. 

 Comfortable Boots - OTBT Shoes

Our feet need better coverage in the fall season in comparison to other weather conditions. And, this purpose can be best resolved with boots. Along with a good coverage, comfortable boots also provide a good amount of support to feet while walking, and that makes them idle for traveling in fall and winter season.

Women are always interested in buying shoes which make them look classy and go perfectly with their wardrobe. They also want to buy the shoes which are included in the latest fashion trends.

Running spikes

The first running shoes in modern meaning come into the daylight in 1920 by Adolf Dassler, in dif

Girls evening sandals

It has now become the norm of different cultures in every corner of the world that people dress u