Editorial Guidelines

When submitting your articles to ArticleCube, the following guidelines must be followed:

  1. Content

    • Preferred type of content:
      List style articles (ex: top 10...,5 ways to...)containing picture galleries/videos/gifs/visuals
      How-to articles. Case studies. Actionable Content. Informational content that solves a reader's question.
    • The articles that you submit must be your own work
      You may not submit articles written by other authors and the content must be original. Articles written by a ghostwriter are perfectly acceptable as long as they are being used only by yourself.
    • The articles that you submit must be useful and valuable to the reader
      Full or partial content found somewhere else on the internet (duplicates or near-duplicates) will not be accepted. The articles must be of high quality and UNIQUE content. Not posting unique content will get your account flagged or deleted.
    • Keyword stuffed articles are not allowed.
      Keep your keyword count in the article body around 4-6 per article (1 kw/100 words is recommended). Write your articles for humans and not for search engines.
    • The articles must not contain any advertising
      This means no press releases, ads, sales copy, self-promotion and article spamming.
    • Articles must be spellchecked and proofread for grammatical errors prior to submission
      Do not submit articles filled with spelling errors and bad grammar. Use a free tool like Grammarly to proofread your articles. We monitor all new submissions.
    • Articles that contain the following content are not allowed:
      No articles about pornography, hate, violence, racial, advocate against any individual or group, hacking, hunting, weapons, guns, alcohol, drugs, tobacco-related, e-cigs, vaping, steroids, escort services, sex toys, illegal, replica products, selling term papers or essays to college students, gambling, betting, illegal video streaming services, online pharmacies, viagra, diet pills, weight loss pills, supplements, penis enlargement, packers and movers, politics, religion, CBD, Kratom
    • Don't post derivative content
      Rewriting an article in multiple versions (article spinning) is not allowed. Your account will be deleted immediately.
    • No links in the title or summary allowed
      Only use the article body for live links back to your websites.
    • No affiliate links allowed
      No affiliate links allowed in your article. No URL redirects. Don't use URL shortening services to mask or redirect your affiliate link.
    • Articles must be in the English language and written by native English contributors.
      We only accept English articles and external links to English sites at this time as we do not have the resources to accept articles in other languages.
    • Articles must be added to the most appropriate category.
      Choose a category that best fits your article. Not even attempting to choose a relevant category will get the article rejected. (example: an article about weight loss should not be posted in a category about cars)
    • NO articles with localized niches
      We don't accept articles stuffed with locations and that contain anchor text with locations. (ex: Limos Toronto, Plumbers Denver, cleaners Manchester).
    • Image & Embedded content
      Every article must have a top image. Upload options are below the body container. Embedded content (images, videos, gifs, tweets, Instagram, ...) in the body of the article will enhance your article and is allowed but not mandatory.
  2. Format

    • Article Title
      1. The first letter of the words of the title must only be capitalized.
      2. No URLs, email addresses, author names allowed in the title
      3. No HTML tags allowed in the title
    • Article Summary
      1. The summary must contain a minimum of 120 characters
      2. no URLs, email addresses or author names allowed in the summary
      3. Don't repeat the title in the summary
    • Article Body
      1. Must have a minimum of 800 words (1500-2000 words is recommended). Driving the word count up by using duplicate paragraphs/sentences will get your IP/URL/accounts deleted and banned from our website.
      2. tags allowed in body h2, h3, p, b, i, u, strong, ol, ul, li, img
      3. tags not allowed in body h1, hr, font, color, javascript, table, span, tr, td, br
      4. must not contain hard line breaks on every line of the article. Is allowed only with a small list of items.
      5. must be formatted with paragraphs to make it easier to read. Use white space between paragraphs. A block of text will be declined
      6. 2 self-serving links allowed with anchor text within content, don't post URLs on their own (ex: www.articlecube.com). When adding a reference (academics/wikis...), you can post a URL on its own at the bottom of the article.
      7. live links to high authority sites allowed (Wikipedia, NYTimes...). Linking to authoritative sources can help your article visibility.
      8. no email addresses, author names or contact info allowed in the body
      9. don't repeat the title in body
      10. outgoing links must be related to the content of the article, for example: an article about golf must link to golf-related content!
      11. don't ask visitors to visit your link (ex: click here, visit us, check out...)
      12. don't add a resource box or author bio. Use your profile page to talk about yourself and add your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account
    • Profile Page
      1. pen-name must be a person, not a company name or keyword. Please use your own picture instead of a company or website logo
      2. ideal image size is 280px wide
      3. don't use your profile page just for the backlink. Profiles without articles will be deleted after a certain amount of time
    • Images
      1. you must have full rights to the images you post
      2. ideal image size for the top image is minimum 880px450px. If larger, the system will crop the image. Use a tool like Canva or Picmonkey to adjust your image. Images in the body can be a maximum of 880px wide. If needed, add attribution in italic under each image or at the bottom of the article.
        Example: Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License
      3. file types: jpg, png, jpeg, gif
      4. no promotion on the image: ex. your website or company.

After reading these guidelines, you can signup here (we are not accepting any new members at this time)

(Latest update: 19th Jan 2022)