Must Have Boots for Women this Season

Must have Boots for Women this Season
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Are you on the hunt for the perfect pair of boots? Or just seeking fall inspiration? Well, that season has come when it’s time to trade in your summer flip-flops for a pair of boots. I love hearing the clank of my boots hit the cement on a nice, dry day. It’s almost as good as going out of your way to step on that crunchy leaf. Boots can boost a fair outfit into a really terrific outfit. Boots are extremely versatile; they can be worn with jeans, leggings or a skirt! Picking a suitable style/color is where the fun begins. There are so many options to choose from.



The style of boots depends on your needs. You have your basics color needs; black, brown, grey or tan. You can opt for a pop of color such as a nice plum, or forest green or punch of color with a bright yellow or red.  



The heel size depends on how you want your boot to fit into your daily life. A block heel or wedge gives you a stable amount of height opposed to a flat or stiletto. Next, there’s a round, square, almond or pointed toe. Then all the bells and whistles of zippers, buckles, elastic tabs, and more. To fit your fashion needs, check out these styles that are sure to appeal to all.


Shoe Carnival Unr8ed Sandy Booties

Shown in color khaki, these wedged canvas boots with a rounded toe is just the perfect mix of upscale and casual.

Style them with a pair of skinny jeans and a sleek leather jacket for ultra chicness.

Price: $49.99 $19.98



Journee Collection Jester Boot from DSW

Available in five different colors, this slouchy casual boot has adjustable buckles. Made of faux suede, with a square toe these little beauties are fab with the embellishments.

Pair with a jeans/leggings and a nice sweater with a scarf.

Price: $49.99



Jessica Simpson Pelina Bootie from Nordstrom




These pointed-toe 4” stiletto bootie are edgy sophisticated. Pair these sassy boots with a short or long dress.

Price: $118.95 $71.96


Karen Scott Deliee Riding Boots from Macy’s


These two-toned riding boots are available in regular or wide calf. These are a great all-around boot and offer a streamlined style.

Extra style points: wear with a denim or plaid top and a great pair of denim.

Price: $79.50 $55.65




Fahrenheit Yuri-05 Booties from Beyond The Rack

Find these beauties in a rich red color with a zipper on back. A rich gem-tone adds so much color to your outfit.

Dress these up or down! Pair with a great printed dress or jeans and a sweater.

Price: $52.99 $29.99



Fit Tip for Ordering Online:

The fit is everything. Every brand of shoe fits differently so I’ve found the True Fit Finder that DSW offers to be very helpful. Put in your favorite fit and brand of shoe, and it’ll recommend a size in a particular style you are looking at. You can plug in a few then it’ll give you a range of fits from a little on the looser or snug size. Sometimes you can fudge it with thin tights or a thick boot sock if the sizing is on the fence.


Nothing says fall like a pair of stunning boots. Hopefully we’ve found an intriguing new style to try. This list is just barely delving into various styles and types out there. So go on and turn heads and elevate your outfit to the next level with your excellent choice in new boots.  

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