What to Wear Instead of Flip Flops?

What to wear instead of flip flops?

Most of the men wear flip-flops as the summer arrives. And this is quite fine if you’re at the pool or the beach, but, only there, not everywhere. There are many other men's shoes that are recommended to wear in casual, despite of wearing flip-flops. Now the problem that most of the men face is what to wear instead of flip-flops. And we are here to guide you.

What to wear instead of flip flops?

Lacoste Slip Ons

Lacoste is well-known for its pretty good slip-on shoes. They made the slip-on from good quality material and they are unique. The canvas used int he Lacoste slip-on shoe is quite soft and they usually fit well with almost all types of feet. The shoes also last quite a while. Lacoste slip-on shoes can cost from $70 to over $100. These shoes can be worn with casual outfits.


Espadrilles are the most trending and ruled a lot but they are a classic article. Usually, they are made of canvas and leather as well and arrive in bright and neutral colors. These shoes can be expensive and cheap as well depending on the brand you get. Though these shoes are quite good to wear instead of flip-flops, the only problem is that they are not water-resistant. The canvas espadrilles will get ruined when watered and would not be as soft as they were before. Note that you should not get them wet on the bottom. If this happens, they will take a few days to dry properly. These are the best shoes to buy in summer.

Boat Shoes

These are pure classic shoes. Basically, these shoes are made of canvas or leather. They can be expensive or cheap depending on what brand boat shoes you get. They are usually worn with shorts but wearing them with appropriate pants adds beauty to the outlook. You can also wear boat shoes with casual outfits.


These shoes are also classic ones. Moccasins are usually made of leather, but the canvas versions are also available. These shoes can be cheap or expensive depending on the brand that offers. Moccasins come with and without laces, but the laceless versions look fine. The smooth mocs are normally worn with shorts but if worn with the correct outfit, they can be best suited for pants as well. The mocs with lace are usually worn with pants. You can wear mocs with casual outfits and dressy casual outfits as well.


Another classic series of light and flexible shoes are loafers. They are ordinarily made of leather. They can be expensive or cheap when it comes to different brands you get them from. The best way to describe loafers is that they are a leather slip-on shoe and the perfect casual type of dress shoes. They can be plain and smooth and can also have a moc toe as well. These shoes are basically worn with pants. You can also wear them with casual outfits or casual dressy outfits.

Bit Loafers

This is also a classic series of shoes. Bit loafers are also made of leather. They can also be expensive or cheap according to different brands. These are the loafers with a metal piece on them. This metal piece can be the horse bit or just the ordinary metal. They are smooth and can also have a moc toe. These loafers are meant to be worn with pants but wearing them with shorts is not an issue at all. You can wear bit loafers with both the casual outfits and casual dressy outfits.

These are some shoe types which you can wear instead of flip flops.

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