7 Shoe Mistakes That Are Killing Your Feet

7 Shoe Mistakes That Are Killing Your Feet

Our choice of shoes is very important. Just think about the amount of time we spend wearing them and the distances we walk in them. Visit Shoe Hero to get up to scratch on your shoe knowledge. No wonder shoes have a big effect on our feet. That is why when we make some common mistakes with our shoes, we are killing our feet in the process. Read on to see the seven common mistakes that are really bad for our feet.

1. Not replacing shoes with worn-down heels

Did you ever notice how one side of the bottom of your shoe’s heel gets worn down with time? This is completely normal and is due to your heel being directly below your body and supporting all of its weight. And because everyone walks differently, it’s completely logical that some people may on one side of the shoe more than the other.

In the long term, however, it’s not really healthy for your foot and ankle to constantly be in this imbalanced position. So it’s best to replace your shoes once the heel becomes significantly worn down.

2. Not replacing your running shoes frequently enough

According to Dr. Sophia Solomon, a board-certified podiatrist in Manhattan, New York, running shoes should be replaced after around 250 to 300 miles of running. For someone who runs five miles four to five times a week, it would mean replacing shoes every 3 months. Solomon admits that this could become an expensive habit quite quickly, but it’s one that you should keep.  

With high mileage, the cushion and sole of your shoes get worn down. This lower the padding under your feet as they hit the pavement. It’s important for runners to pay close attention to any pain they may feel in their ankles, feet, hip and knee joints since they could be due to overused running shoes.

3. Crushing your piggies in pointy-toed shoes

A common problem among women is ‘crushed’ toes from wearing too narrow shoes. Constantly exposing your toes to pointy-toed heels can lead to hammertoes, bunions, muscle imbalances, and even nerve damage.

4. Buying shoes online

The size of your shoes matters a lot. In the same way that narrow shoes can squeeze your toes, shoes that are too small or too big can change the way you move and walk. That is why doctors don’t recommend buying shoes online since you can’t really try on the shoes before buying them. Wearing shoes that don’t fit right may cause blisters and other discomforts.

5. Buying shoes in the morning rather than later in the day

When buying new shoes, the time of day you do this is important. Because of the way blood circulates in our bodies, the longer we’re awake and the more we stand, the more blood will gather in our lower body and feet. This will cause our feet to swell slightly. The best time to try on new shoes is during the middle of the day or later. Because buying shoes that fit perfectly when you tried them on in the morning, may fee too tight towards the end of the day.

6. Trying on shoes too quickly

The way you try on shoes is just as important as the time of day you do it in. Always try the shoes standing up. This will slide your foot forward, possibly changing the way the shoe feels. After standing up, it’s also important to spend at least five or 10 minutes standing or walking around in the shoes. This will allow you to better tell how comfortable they feel.

7. Not wearing shoes with arch supports

One controversial topic among podiatrists is the need for arch supports. Some claim its only purpose is to increase comfort while others claim they are important for correcting the alignment of some people’s feet. One thing we do know for sure is that they don’t bring any harm. Arch supports are especially useful for people with a high arch or flat foot.

Those who feel a constant discomfort in their foot should talk to a podiatrist about getting custom or over-the-counter insoles for their shoes. They will make walking more comfortable.

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