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Tuberculosis is a chronic infection that majorly affects the lungs of the body. A person suffers from TB when he or she inhales the bacteria - M. Tuberculosis present in the air around them.

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The thyroid gland is an endocrine gland located at the base of your neck and is seen in a butterfly shape. As shape indicates, thyroid gland has two lobes connected by a tissue called isthmus.

What if your digestive system is not working properly? How can we conclude that there is a problem in the digestive system?

Feeling defenseless against your clogged ear? Assuredly, you have experienced some sort of filled ear on and off in your lifetime

Orthopedics is the science deals with the correction of deformities that appear in our musculoske

The effort your heart has to make to push the blood through your arteries is known as blood press

Smoking is injurious to health - this is the most common proverb amongst every individual of the world’s population.​

Do you snore every night? How often do you suffer from day time fatigue and sleepiness?