You Won’t Believe How Expensive These 5 Pairs of Shoes Are!

expensive shoes

The primary purpose of shoes is to protect our feet, and these have come a long way since the sandals that were first invented by the ancient Greeks and Romans. While sandals can be quite comfortable and trendy, shoes are suitable for any season and not only for the summer, which gives them a huge advantage and a more important role in your wardrobe than most items.

Still, the primary purpose of shoes is now falling secondary to how they look and what they say about your style, and now they are mostly seen as proof of social status. Yes, if you are wearing expensive shoes along with a fancy watch and on-trend clothes, people will consider you to be popular and worthy of attention. This is a trick that the fashion industry has successfully played on all of us.

Nowadays, there are thousands of different pairs of shoes available, with the prices ranging from under $10 to a few thousand dollars depending on the brand and the style of shoe that you are buying. Still, no matter what your budget is, one thing is clear — buying from top online shoe stores is much better than visiting a retail store and overpaying for a certain model.

Taking into consideration that people are going crazy over expensive shoes, it is fun to take a look at 5 pairs that have prices that will blow you away! Keep reading to see more.

Louis Vuitton Manhattan Richelieu Men’s Shoes - $10,000

It doesn’t come as a surprise that shoes from the Louis Vuitton range are quite pricey, but you surely didn’t expect a figure of ten grand. Well, that is the result of one fashion brand being around for more than a few decades, with a social status stronghold. The reality of our world is that anyone who wears the LV logo is considered successful.

Still, we are not looking to degrade the quality of these shoes as there is no doubt that these feature some exquisite craftsmanship. Made from waxed alligator skin, these are highlighted by a perforation motif and are sure to make you the star of any formal event you attend.

Testoni Shoes - $30,000

You are probably wondering why are these shoes priced so high if we are not talking about any of the renowned fashion brands. While maybe not considered mainstream, the Testoni company is one of the most successful high-end shoe brands in the world, as they offer extremely high quality as each pair is handmade using Norvegese technology.

If you are looking to buy shoes for every season, and you don’t want the water to have any effect on them, this high-end pair is the perfect choice for you. Once again featuring durable alligator leather, the brown strap formal pair of shoes will allow you to feel comfortable about how you look and walk.

Air Jordan Silver Shoes - $60,000

If you are a true basketball fan, you will be familiar with the value that any Air Jordan pair holds. These feature superb silver-motif design and are autographed by the star MJ himself. Yes, we do agree that the price is a bit over the top, but taking in consideration that these are actually quite comfortable and that they are one of a kind compared to other basketball shoes, it may be worth it.

Kathryn Wilson’s Pump - $400,000

Made by New Zealand designer Kathryn Wilson, these were sold at a charity auction for the astonishing sum of $400,000. We have to admit that if you know good heels, these will knock you off your feet (literally). Featuring a million pounds worth of diamonds, crafting each pair took offer 50 hours of effective work, pasting every single diamond separately.

Stuart Weitzman Marilyn Monroe Shoes - $1 Million

It comes as no surprise that the shoes Marilyn Monroe herself wore managed to fetch the incredible price of $1 million. Created by Stuart Weitzman, and worn by Regina King at the Academy Awards (2005), no one can deny the beautiful design and history that this pair holds.


The shoe market offers thousands of different models and it is quite easy to find the perfect pair for a fair and affordable price. But this doesn’t exclude the fact that there are still high-end models that are to be admired. And if you have the money, why not splurge on a pair?

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