All about Running Spikes

Running spikes

The first running shoes in modern meaning come into the daylight in 1920 by Adolf Dassler, in different appearances with the original design for diverse running distance and it was the first time during the running shoe history that the manufacturer puts long-distance runners in the focus.  In the next 16 years, this was the best known and top quality running shoes worn by famous Jesse Owens.

Running spikes are much lighter than a training shoe and provide traction and speed on the track, but finding the optimal pair for you is not always a piece-of-cake. Mostly because the spikes include many models for different running plans, so you can get models for cross country, the steeplechase, field events, long-distance, short or middle distance, sprints or long sprints. Some models look like every training shoe, but another may be stripped down in the interest of saving weight. And there is the number of "pins". A pin is spiked part of the shoes and on the market, you may find models with three and others up to eight.

The heel can be different depending on model and manufacturer, so some models are without a heel, while others have a significant heel.

With such a wide selection even the world-famous athletes being flustered among the array options that Marla Runyan, who was two-time Olympian once come to the track with the eight different pairs of shoes!

When you are purchasing the perfect running spikes, you need to decide purpose- do you need a model for field events, sprinting or distance running.

Sprint running spikes are made to put an athlete on his toes, and they are mostly without a heel and the spike plate is with maximum pins in order to provide more traction.

At the same time, the track distance shoe has a substantial heel even with some lightweight cushioning material like training shoes for distance runners with more flat-footed landing- The distance running shoes usually have between 3-7 pins.

 Price and Fit

When looking for affordable running spikes you should know that most runners can obtain some good quality pair for about $50, but some high-end models are more than $100.

Specialty running stores and specialty running sites are the best places to find spikes. If you are buying in the specialty store, the staff will guide you and make sure to finish with what do you need, while before purchasing online you can talk with some knowledgeable running shoe person. Another thing is that the Internet provides you with a wider selection of spikes.

Unlike other footwear, the right size is the matter of taste because many athletes choosing tighter fit something full size down in comparison with the training shoes while others prefer smaller sizes too snug, and if you can try them on, it will help you to find the right model for you.

When you find correctly pairs of running spikes, you will ask how long can they last, and the answer is a season or two, but more important consideration should be the length of a pin to use, but on specialty running shoe stores and sites you may find some extra pins and plugs.

And here are some practical tips on how to care of your running spikes:

- Never run in spikes without pins

- When inserting, do not twist pins hardly

- Do not even think to wear wet spikes

- Find enough time to practice and run in new running spikes before a race in them

- The question of socks is the matter of taste and while some feel it like a real blessing others only get blisters from that adventure, so thin socks sound like a good compromise.

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