Combat Boots Are Back in a World Full of Badasses

Combat Boots Are Back in a World Full of Badasses

No, this is not a drill. Combat boots are BACK and AGGRESSIVELY in style this season. Hailey Bieber and Gigi Hadid have made fashion statements this season with their badass collection of combat boots. If we are being truly honest, then these chunky boots never actually went out of fashion. Combat Boots lovers have always been into it, and there is no way that one can get them to leave the trend alone and we are so for it this season as well.

With the comeback of your favourite footwear, all your fantasies about being large and in charge can be laid out brilliantly this season. So why hold back when you can make a fashion statement and get some crazy ass Instagram photos in your statement pair of combat boots. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a pair of combat boots and let the whole world know that you cannot be stopped. 

The time is now; the place is your closet. Get yourself a pair of combat boots and reveal your true strength to everyone around you. They are not just footwear. They are a representation of your personality – large and unstoppable. Who wouldn’t want to make that statement, right?

Now, it needs to be said; combat boots are only back if you’re wearing the right kind of combat boots. Either go for a slightly more sleek suede look with them or lean heavily into leather and crocodile stamping to ensure that everyone knows you’re not to be messed with.  If you get a pair that’s a little more understated, that works really well too! The only way you can do it right is if you know your style. Blending stuff together hardly works for people, so why indulge in it when you can go with simple and straightforward options.

Unlike other footwear such as stilettos, you don’t need a collection of combat boots. Owning a pair isn’t about having a collection in your closet; it is about making a statement, and you can only do that if you stick with one.  So just try to ensure that you’re sticking with one pair--one showstopper as an addition to your closet. There’s no need to go full pop-punk here. Combat boots are a statement on top of an already badass ensemble, not something to over-utilize in your palette. 

Here’s our major question: do combat boots work as office wear? 

Here’s the obvious answer: duh. 

Most people tend to believe that the large bulky footwear trend doesn’t go together with the office wear as it doesn’t have that elegant touch to it, but we say that they are so wrong! We believe combat boots to be the perfect way to complete your corporate attire. 

Runway trends and Instagram fashion bloggers and fashion divas have shown us that combat boots fit so well on top of corporate ensembles and are frankly a must in office life. How else are you going to be able to articulate how inevitable your upward rise is? Get into a pair of combat boots and set your sites on crushing your rivals and your competition. You can massively boost the effectiveness of a presentation if you’re doing that presentation in a pair of boots that says you’re ready for war. 

Combat boots are your all-weather utility wear. Too many winter boots set you up to be a little understated. Combat boots are a means to tell the weather that you’re in charge. The elements will never know what hit them. 

Just make sure you get a pair you feel super comfortable in and break them in gradually before jumping into wearing them full-time. Nothing sours a shoe relationship more than hurting yourself in the first few times you wear them. Plus no pain no gain, so you might have to go through the initial hurting phase to get to the comfortable worn-out phase.

Overall, combat boots are simply the best possible introduction to your wardrobe right now. They unlock so many different looks and are just a great way to assert your dominance over every aspect of your life. Get a pair that will last and crush your doubts underfoot. You got this. 

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