I am a blogger, although I do it part time, I have been blogging for over 3 years and I am also active in other online forums and communities. I am a fashion follower and a girly girl who loves to watch beauty videos on YouTube and read other beauty blogs. I love beautiful hairstyles, I love the goddess braids styles and healthy hair and that is why I started blogging to share the things I have learned with others.  Beautiful hairstyles over the internet will keep me busy all day. So if you guys enjoy hair, fashion and nails then maybe my articles will interest you, these are something I am passionate about. 

This is something I also enjoy, I also love video games, I play every day with my friends online and offline.

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How to Choose Best Mix-Multicolor Nail Design

Nails are one of the most essential parts of your finishing style, you can’t have nails that look raggedy. Depending on your mood you can rock multicolor nails easy, the best part of this is you don’t need to make hard designs you just have to gather your favorite colors. So gather your favorite colors to create bright colors nails on your fingers.

Coffin Nails and Color Ideas

These type of nails shape similar to box shape nails. Usually, coffin nails are done on long nails. These nails were popular in the ’90s and still appealing today. Although this fingernail shape reminds people of a coffin, it’s not in a creepy way

Get Rid of Pimple Mark Naturally

Pimples usually appear on the face, back neck or the shoulder. Pimples are not harmful just maybe our self-esteem. Pimples are swelling on the skin with bacteria, usually, cause from clog pores.

nail art

There are numerous reasons to get fake fingernails. Maybe you're heading to a wedding or reunion and you want to look fabulous, or perhaps you've had trouble growing your nails long and need assistance.

Box Braid

Box braids are very beautiful but can be time consuming and expensive. If you have the time and want to make your own hair is a way to do it. Time for Goddess braids and more 

So it's summer again ladies! Here is my list of things I would give a try this year. I want to give some ideas of a full look from hair to nails if you get what I mean.