Knotless Braids, Reasons To Get Them

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Box braids are nothing new, the style comes and goes but it always been a part of black women go to look. There are well-known names who have made this type of braids popular such as Brandy rocking micro braids and Janet sporting jumbo braids. So as it is clear that these are nothing new and they won’t be leaving any time soon.

Recently these stylish braids have made a comeback, braids are done in a variety of styles, from fishtails, different patterns such as triangle parts, braids in bright colors such as green and red. There are so many styles to see and try.

Over the last few months, the knotless box braids have made their own mark. A lot of women are choosing this style, it’s like the regular braids but without the knots at the root. So yes traditional box braids are good for protective styling and the reason most women normally use it. If your hair needed rest it was a good option however with that being said it also comes cons.

Reasons a lot of women opting for

Lightweight and better protective styling

This is a more protective style for women, you start with your regular hair at the root. Because it’s so lightweight it won’t pull your hair out over time. It won’t feel like you are wearing braids it will be flat as you would do your regular braids. Not having to worry about the extra weight that comes with the old fashion box braids.

Less painful from the knot created

With the regular braids, there is a lot of tension created at the root at the scalp. This will eventually do more harm than good. You will have irritation, redness and even scarring if continues too long. This had many women sold. A lot of experts thing moving forward from tight know will make your hair more pleasurable.

They look more natural

At the moment people are promoting a more natural look in makeup, hair colors so why not in hairstyle. If you want to look like a natural princess this is better than the traditional box braids. It has low maintenance as well as being a protective style.

More healthy on your roots and scalp

The hair is much healthier so one of the major reasons women are going this route. It’s really having an option, you can choose a healthier style for your hair. Old braids can develop bacteria from the knot created with this there is no knotless chance for breeding bacteria.

More Versatile in styling

With this type of braids, you can wear your hair in all directions instantly. Versatility is another ay knotless braids win over the traditional braids. With the regular box braids, you would have to wait some weeks for it to become loosen as the root is super tight.

So these new type is just a lot better in comfort and the fact they look super cute is a big plus. When doing them you just braid the hair in without the tight knot at the root.

How long can these last?

These can last up to six weeks with proper maintenance. Remember when doing this you should take proper care of your scalp. Your scalp can become dry if you neglect it and maybe wear scarfs at night to keep hair from frizzing. This will keep your braids looking fresher for longer.

Treat your roots with clarifying spray or do co-wash to remove any dirt. You can also use lightweight gel to slick the frizzes down. Because the braids are already lightweight no reason to worry about adding a little gel.

You may love your style but remember to take them out when the time comes. Your natural hair health is more important than any fake hair so don’t wear these past six weeks. These are plenty of beauty inspired braid looks to try whenever you are ready.

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