Seasonal Trend Hair Color Ideas

Seasonal Trend Hair Color Ideas

When it comes to the season we change our hair just as well. Some colors just shine more according to a certain season and as we are slowly approaching fall what color should we consider. In this article, I will list a few ideas for all seasons but I will start with summer. We are in summer so let’s get it out the way first.


For women, our hair is just as important as that new season fashion. When having a bad hair day our whole day can feel ruin. Imagine having a bad dye for the entire season or having to try a hair color remover.


So before you do something that could ruin your hair here are some ideas:

Summer Sunset from the Queen

Beyoncé rock some of the best natural tone colors, she really makes them shine. If you’re a medium or dark brunette this color will do great on you. The hair color will brighten up after months and the maintenance is relatively minimal compare to some other options. To achieve this color you need to ask your stylist for light warm brunette or maybe you can buy the DIY kit.


Cherry Red for fall

So far the trends seem to be a drastic look or natural look. Kim Kardashian is one of the Hit girls who everyone just amazed and run with her trend. On an Instagram post, she took a selfie of herself rocking cherry red hue.

If you have always wanted to go red and embrace the inner ginger now is the time, blonde and brunettes are not the only ones having fun this time around. We have also seen famous names like Zendaya rocking the red strands for some time now. This is also a  nice hair color for dark skin women.


Khole Kardashian Close to natural color

So the thing about this concept is choosing color close enough to your natural color but with more definition. Khole is calling it “your hair but better” and that is pretty catchy. We sometimes love our natural hair color but even then it can get flat, dull, and boring. Adding some more life to our hair color is something we can all appreciate at times. This is great for all year round and would be even more dramatic for those switching from bleached hair color.


Smoky Blue


This hair color is a great choice for winter, it is trendy and it pops just the right balance. If you have always wanted to try smoky hair color why not try the blue? You can choose the right blue color you want that will still give you the right dept. This will look better on curly hair as the shades will pop more when it’s a blend.


Black and Subtle Brown Hair


This color is a perfect fall color that will carry over well into the winter season. It is high on the winter color trend list. To give the brown a more memorable look is to add cacao bean brown highlights or else just plain brown hair may look flat. If you really want to stand out ask your stylist for the cacao bean brown or cinnamon spice highlights.


Pretty Pink Blossom

What do you think of the pastel pink? This is a winter hair color that will transition you right into spring. Its never too early to make preparation for the next season. You could be ahead of the game with the right color pink that screams spring but also a win for winter. Choosing the right color pink like this violet one is simply breathtaking! And I for one love this color so much.

Doesn’t matter the color you choose just go for something that flatters your face shape and skin tone best?.

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