Pros and Cons of Getting Single Color Red Ink Tattoos


Do you think red ink tattoo is just a fad? We have noticed this trend has become quite popular in the last few years. I think they are quite pleasing to the eyes. People are opting for a rainbow choice instead of the classic black ink. Is this single red color for you? These tattoos are not only for light skin but all skin tone. Red ink does heal beautifully and looks great, to be honest. These tattoos color really make a statement and self-expression.



If you go for a single color tattoo like red would mean you are choosing to go without borders. This tattoo trend is quite popular at the moment, but it does have its drawbacks.

Without strong classic black in border/outline to contain the work. If you opt to get this red ink single-color tattoo it may bleed and have blurred lines over time. I know you may get caught up with this trend but if you want something to last get a strong borderline.  

Red ink Allergies

Not just worries about the blurred lines and borderless but some people do have red ink allergies. This is something you must consider because this is always a risk. If you have had red ink tattoo in the past without any bad reaction then you are good to play. A small population of people does have ink allergies and this is even more common in red ink. Search online and do your research on the allergic reaction. These allergies can last several weeks or the whole lifetime of your tattoo. If you are one of the small numbers of people to experience an allergic reaction to red ink tattoo you may have to get laser removal. This is for your health safe and peace at mind, you don’t want to be walking around all itchy and swollen.


To be safe than sorry ask your tattoo artist to do an allergy test beforehand. They will make a small red dot into your skin and let it sit for 24 hours. During this time you should watch closely for any kind of allergy reaction such as flare-up, swelling, redness or itching. If you are really concerned you could ask for the indigents list of the ink and have your physician look at it.

There are so many beautiful designs that will make a statement. These are some popular tattoo ideas include Chinese dragons, roses, flowers, mandalas, dotwork, and scorpions. You can have small delicate red ink tattoo, large tattoo in the back or full sleeve.

You can choose to have your tattoo look classy with a nice mini tattoo. These are more popular among women than of man. There are lots of celebrities that are also rocking red ink tats such as Christ Brown.

A tattoo is a true work of art and they can have meaning beyond looking beautiful. Do you consider what you are trying to express? Is it just a style for you? Will you regret it later as this may stay with you forever? Some get a tattoo of lover and then later broke up so that’s pretty risky if you ask me.

Red ink tattoos can also be used to hide scars but you may opt for a darker red depending on the type of scar.


You should also keep this in mind, proper aftercare of your ink. Vaseline is inexpensive aftercare products are you can purchase products made specifically for this. Keep the design cover for at least 24 hours do not pick it. Also wear sunscreen to lengthen the vibrant life of your tattoo.


So the bottom line is single color red may fade a lot without borders but does look beautiful.

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