Flower Ideas and Tattoos Placement you will want

flower tattoo

When choosing tattoos there are many options for us to choose from. However there are a few designs that are much more popular than others, the flower tattoo designs are among those. These can look good on everyone as they can be small or very large. 


These tattoos can carry hidden meaning which makes them perfect if you are looking for that sort of thing. These tattoos are usually a popular pick around many countries. As I mentioned before is that these tattoos can be large and size down to a delicate look. We see these trends a lot on Instagram in the last few years. The fact that they bring a  positive expression there is a good chance you won't want to remove them in the future. 


There are many reasons people are researching flower tattoos because of the many meanings behind them. I think with rose tattoos there are many good designs and something for everyone. Choosing the right tattoo it's good to seek some inspiration. When you show up to the tattoo artist bring your image reference it's a good idea. 


When it comes to the right placement there are no rules but you can ask for recommended ideas. Some places may be better than others for a particular design and size. For myself I like a hidden spot because my workplace is not the most modern thinking. So for people like myself its best to have my tattoo where it can be covered up and show off when needed. 


Flowers rose tattoos are kind of my favorite because they seem romantic to me. These types represent that, I have a small rose on the back of my thighs. 


Here are some flower tattoo ideas:

  1. Plum Blossoms
  2. Wildflower
  3. Sunflower
  4. Vervain
  5. Red Rose
  6. Floral Garden
  7. Water Lily
  8. Diamond Rose


For placement, ribs tattoos are quite pretty and modest. So if you are thinking you want to get your first tattoo, that is one of my recommended spots. I love how attractive this area is for both men and women. This spot however can be somewhat more painful than other areas so keep that in mind. Is it worth the pain? Yes it sure does you wont feel disappointed. If you dont like the tattoo you wont even have to show it to anyone because it can always be hidden away.


Getting the tattoo on your shoulder is another lovely area and you can get a nice size tattoo there as well. This area is slowly becoming more and more popular among women also. If you are looking for a cute area I highly recommend this spot but also look around for some ideas of what you can get there. 


I find small tattoos to be cute and behind the ears is a lovely place to get a small rose or plum blossom. The area is cute and trendy and will work well with those delicate flower types. These types of tattoos will leave you feeling bold and feminine at the same time. 


Choosing to place a water lily flower tattoo on the side of your neck. This is another spot that has been getting more positive attention lately. I love that you can really play around here and create unique size and style designs. I find a lot of celebrities embrace this spot on their body for their tattoos. Water lily would look good on the side or the back of the neck.


Getting a tattoo on the inner arm can symbolize a beautiful memory. Getting a  lovely garden rose here is something to look at and smile when it brings back a  certain memory. This area is for our own connection because we can also look at it and appreciate the connection. Most of the time we give them our own meaning.

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