Simple Hair Routine

taking care of our hair

Looking after your hair has its own routine you must take in order for a good treatment. There are things to make your hair shiny, healthy glossy hair. When something is wrong with our hair it often becomes dull, lifeless, and far from bouncy. You cannot neglect your ends as well as your roots, all play an important part. These are simple tips to help you take care of your long or short hair.

Brush your Hair Regularly

This may seem like a no-brainer but this is something we sometimes look over. When you brush your hair it's safe to brush at least twice daily to prevent tangles. Tangles can weaken the strand so it's good to brush your hair regularly. Brushing your hair has many benefits, it helps to distribute products and oils in the hair. Also, keep in mind that you should brush gently and especially on your edges. Sometimes if you use a rough brush on your edges it will destroy them so be careful there. 


Depending on your hair texture some is best brushed when damp instead of dry. Dry hair can become frizzy when brushed, especially on curly hair. However, everyone should avoid brushing their hair when it's soaking wet. When you are brushing your hair it's a good tip to start at the bottom especially if you are dealing with matted or tangled hair. When you brush from the roots over time this will cause more harm to the hair than good.

Wash Routine

This is a step no one should ever skip in their hair care regimen. Washing your hair helps to get rid of bacteria and debris. Washing your hair regularly will ensure it's not overwhelmed with oils and dirt. As mentioned above, the hairstyle should be considered, because this helps determine the frequency. If your hair is more on the dry side then you can reduce the washing to twice weekly. If you have oily hair then you may want to wash it every other day. 


Use chemical-free shampoo as this can be damaging to natural hair. The less chemical your hair products have the better for your hair, find yourself a nice gentle shampoo. A lot of people decide to use baby shampoo as these are made with gentle ingredients. Look for a shampoo that marks sulfate-free as this is a bad ingredient for the hair over time.  


Finding the best antifungal shampoo for your hair if you need treatment, it is something to research. If you have visible white flakes and irritation this is a treatment you may need. This is one of the best solutions for such hair problems. 


Air-dry When You Can

We are in a culture where it's easy for us to just use heat because of our busy lifestyle. If you are not going somewhere that you need to rush, try avoiding using the blow dryer. Although blow drying does make your hair look beautiful, excessive heating can damage the hair scalp and cuticle. If you can go outside and use the natural sunlight to dry your hair after a wash day, this is the best way to go. You can also choose to just pat dry your hair, do not rub the hair as it causes friction to the hair.

If you have to use a dryer, remember to limit and dry in a cool setting. The coolest setting will cause the least amount of stress to the hair.

Another tip to add to your hair routine is to never sleep with wet hair. I must admit I have done this in the past before I knew how to properly care for my hair. 


Finally Style Naturally

Style your hair naturally, give your hair some break from the heat and let your natural texture pop. If you want to add curls and waves there are plenty of ways to achieve these without using heat.

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