Popular Myths About Hemorrhoids That Need to Be Destroyed

Popular Myths About Hemorrhoids That Need to Be Destroyed

When people are not aware of the diseases they may have, it is difficult to notice the problem in time. Disinformation leads to the neglect or wrongful treatment that only worsens the situation. It’s especially for a delicate problem such as hemorrhoids.

People are often ashamed to go to the doctor with this problem. They try to treat it themselves with the help of Google or pieces of advice from whoever they think to know better and delay the visit to a doctor until things get very bad. This is why people need true information about their health and body to know how to react to any changes.

Breaking the Myths About Hemorrhoids

Here is the most popular myth about this disease that needs to be destroyed. It is important for people’s awareness of what is going on in their bodies and when there are signs of danger needing medical help.

Myth #1

Hemorrhoid means intolerable pain. This is the main symptom of this disease.

The location of the hemorrhoid piles is crucial here. External piles that are close to the anus, can undergo the thrombosis process due to blood stagnation in anorectal veins. This gives a patient really severe pain that occurs not only in the defecation process.

However, if the piles are located deeper in the anal canal, they may not hurt at all. The process of their development may continue completely unnoticed by the patient. You can suspect their presence due to signs of blood in the process of defecation that comes from their traumatization by the fecal masses.

Sometimes they can both be present and then it gives you bleeding and pain at the same time. But this happens not so often and anyway, be it blood or pain, these signs are not normal and require a visit to the doctor for hemorrhoid treatment.

Myth #2

The piles presence always mean hemorrhoid disease.

The piles are actually already there when you are born. It is an important part of our rectum. They help us control the defecation process and save the rectal walls from traumatization by fecal masses. It is considered a pathology only when they increase in size.

What can lead to it? Mostly it is an unhealthy lifestyle, junk food and lack or excess of physical activity. All these factors cause a dysfunction of the blood circulation that provokes the development of the disease.

Myth #3

The remedies against hemorrhoids are in every drugstore and you can choose something without the doctor.

It is better not to treat at all than to treat improperly. You can do more harm than good. The pharmacist does not know whether you have external or internal hemorrhoids that predetermines a lot in treatment. Totally different medications treat these conditions and it is important not to get them mixed. There are also combined preparations that are universal but only the doctor must prescribe them, or any other hemorrhoid treatment.

Myth #4

If the piles are prolapsed, only surgery can help it

Hemorrhoid treatment includes a wide range of different methods and surgery is not the only way to solve the problem. The only appointment for removal of the piles is severe bleeding. In other cases, it is the patient who decides whether it is worth it. In many cases a conservative treatment and lifestyle changes are enough to relieve the disease significantly.

In any case, you shouldn’t do it without a doctor. Upon noticing any discomfort while defecation, seeing blood in feces or feeling pain, make an appointment with your gastroenterologist and get the help you need. It’s a common problem among people, so no need to be embarrassed.

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