Tips for Running with Your Dog

running with dog

Do you love being active? Would you like to give your dog some good exercise? Perhaps it is time to grab the leash and start running with your furry friend. It is a lot of fun to go jogging or running with your canine and it is a great exercise for both of you. It can also strengthen your bond. But, if you have never been running with your pup before, we have some tips to get started.

Try a Hands-Free Leash

There are some owners that find it fun to run with an ordinary leash. This is particularly true if your canine knows how to heal and is happy to run alongside you. But, if you have a fast dog and a breed that likes to run, it can be more enjoyable to give them some more space. A good way to do this is by purchasing a hands-free leash. This looks like a belt and the leash attaches to your waist. This is a great way to have a lot of freedom when you run and your pup can run in front or alongside you.

Buy a Harness

If you walk your dog with a collar on, it is recommended that you switch this out to a harness for running. If your canine is going to be pulling you along and is faster than you, you do not want this to be hurting their neck. So, you can use a harness that fits securely on their body. This is going to be a lot more comfortable for jogging and will give you peace of mind too. Just make sure that the harness securely fits your dog and it is not going to slide around when they are exercising.

Start a Joint Supplement

If you are going to be running a lot with your dog, it is worth considering a supplement for your pooch. Running is a great exercise for your canine but their joints will need extra support from wear and tear. Taking a joint supplement from a young age may be able to lower the risk of stiff joints for high-energy running dogs. There are a lot of supplements that are affordable and can be simply added to their food. This can be in tablet or liquid form.

Leave 30 Minutes After Food

A lot of people like to feed their dog before exercise. This can be a good idea to give them energy for a run. But, you want to leave jogging with your canine for at least 30 minutes after food. It can be dangerous for some dogs to run straight after they have eaten. It can also be uncomfortable for your pooch.

Watch the Terrain

You want to start running with your pooch on softer surfaces. This is going to be more comfortable on their paws, as well as kinder to their joints. For example, good terrains for running on include forests, grass, and on the sand. This is going to be a good workout for you too. Running on asphalt and pavements can become uncomfortable for dogs when it is for long periods of time. This is particularly true when it is the summer and the ground is hot. If you have no choice but to run on pavement areas in the city, you can always purchase some dog boots for your furry friend.

Take Breaks

A lot of people assume that their canines can run further than them. This can be true depending on the age and breed of your dog. But, it is not always the case with older and smaller pups. So, take breaks if your canine starts to slow down and trail behind you. This might just need to catch their breath before finishing the run. Signs that your canine is too hot include drooling, a red tongue, and heavy panting. Allow your dog to walk and explore for a while and then you can hit the trail again.

Check the Temperature

There are going to be times in the year when it is simply too hot for your dog to run with you. A lot of breeds struggle to cool themselves down when they are too hot. This can make them susceptible to heatstroke. Just as you should watch when you walk your dog in the summer, you need to be careful of the temperature for running. The best times are going to be early in the morning, as well as in the evening. Alternatively, you can run somewhere that is completely shaded, such as in forests. If the temperature is above 15 degrees Celsius, it is recommended that you do not run with your dog.

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