What are The Major Distribution Challenges Of The COVID-19 Vaccine

What are The Major Distribution Challenges Of The COVID-19 Vaccine

The COVID19 vaccine supply chain has a decisive role to play in enabling efficient vaccination to people. But, the current supply chains are broken and diminished in many cases, posing challenges to effective vaccine distribution.

Challenges are inescapable in the supply chain, and some of them are:

Speed to Market

Although a few global pharmaceutical companies have developed and distributed COVID19 vaccines, many efforts are going on to develop new COVID19 vaccines worldwide.

The companies successful in developing the vaccines cannot escape working with an unprecedented speed to market.

Additionally, they need to transport the vaccines at a controlled temperature environment through a cold chain.

All entities involved in the vaccine distribution process, whether the entire country, the producer or a local distributor, will need to direct enormous efforts to balance the supply and demand.

All such vaccines require specific temperature environments for effective storage. Transporters can maintain the requisite temperature using temperature monitoring devices.

A cold chain monitoring system is necessary for effective monitoring of temperatures of the vaccines in transit. It will ensure that vaccines arrive safely at the points of distribution, such as healthcare facilities.

Transporting Networks

The need for effectively distributing the vaccines has triggered the need for the creation of new shipping methods.

Challenges are bound to arise while establishing new shipping networks in remote locations and challenging environments such as extreme cold or extreme hot climate zones.

What is more, the cold chain needs to deliver the vaccines through unfamiliar routes and unknown locations.

Shippers must prepare themselves to handle such unforeseen large-scale distribution. They should ensure safe and timely shipping to meet the demand at international locations.

The cold chain involves devices like data loggers to ensure that temperature remains within the prescribed range all the time. It helps to preserve the integrity of the vaccines.


When it comes to shipping, the vaccines will call for full-scale shipping from day one. Shippers need to deliver the maximum number of vaccines instead of a lower quantity of doses.

The distribution has to scale from 0 to 100 within a matter of days. The entire sequence of activities, from manufacturing to delivery, has to work at maximum capacity levels during the transit along the cold chain.

If the shipping network is not reliable and uncertain, it will result in a disaster. Transporters need to implement monitoring and distribution solutions in the cold chain to avert possible disasters.

Data loggers are essential devices in the cold chain as they can monitor the temperature continuously during transit. The devices can reduce some of the distribution challenges during the distribution of COVID19 vaccines.

Choose Right Devices

When you decide to implement a temperature monitoring system in your cold chain, ensure that you choose the right solution to handle the distribution challenges of the cold chain vaccines. If you choose the wrong devices, failure will result during the distribution of the vaccines. Since the temperature monitoring needs to be accurate, only high-quality devices can ensure the correct tracking of vaccines

The conventional distribution providers use devices that record data during transit, and you need to extract the data manually. During the process, many errors can creep in to make the data unreliable.

Such devices quickly capture data and ensure no shipment goes to waste.

Product Visibility

During the transit, the vaccines need to be visible. Shippers can increase vaccine visibility by implementing the latest data logging solutions, which help collect the consignment and vessel data to offer the best shipment visibility.

Maintaining product visibility during the transportation is a challenging task. Transporters can deal with the challenges by implementing the latest data logging solutions to increase product visibility. It will help to avert the threats emanating from incomplete products.

Data logging solutions keep the transporters updated on crucial details of the shipment. And that helps to maintain the integrity of the vaccines in transit. They also record the lane and touchpoints of the vaccine shipment with a simple QR code.

In manual processes, especially in multimodal shipping, there are more error chances. However, shippers can minimize errors with proper solutions.

Equitable Distribution

The fundamental step in maintaining an equitable distribution of the vaccines is identifying the most vulnerable sections of the population.

Governments and relief organizations should not wait for the vaccines to arrive but should plan how to manage the distribution.

They should plan the distribution carefully in advance and start distributing as soon as possible to prevent any further outbreak.

Governments should not offer any privilege in getting the vaccines to the ones who can pay more. They should ensure that there is no conflict and the distribution is transparent.

Storage Issues

A significant challenge in the distribution of vaccines is the storage issues. Storage facilities are safe and secure places to keep the vaccines and ensure a continuous supply of the vaccines.

You need to keep storage facilities at full capacity to ensure that vaccine stock is always available. Whenever vaccine stocks go low in the storage facilities, you need to replenish them immediately to ensure the availability of enough stock.

You also need to ensure that vaccines inside cold storage remain at the prescribed temperature round the clock while ensuring a continuous supply to meet the prevailing demand.

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