Customer Service

customer service

When your support team interacts with so many customers, they need to remember that they will not be able to keep them all happy and satisfied. Whether it’s a customer who had a bad day, which is causing them to be rude to you or a customer with very high expectations, your agent can not help them all.

Demand Forecasting

As we know, we are living in a satellite era and everything is based on technology these days. In an organization, most of the concepts are based on technology. An organization faces many internal and external risks, such as high competition, failure of technology, inflation, recession, and change in government laws.


Virtual Assistants are the saviors of small business owners and many business people. They save your money, time and resources. VA helps you to earn more by working less by managing your work efficiently. But apart from this do, we know much about them or what they can offer to us?

Ride Sharing Apps

Founded in 2009, Uber started its journey as a transportation network company that utilized licensed taxi drivers for its ride-sharing services. The main idea behind the business was to integrate a mobile app to connect the passengers with drivers to hire a taxi.

choosing a destination for office moving

Whether home or office, relocating has in fact become a necessity in today’s world. No doubt everyone seems to be moving from one place to another in search of a high standard of working environment, an office building with lesser rent, a strategic location, and the list just does not come to an end.

speech analytics technology

Speech analytics technology will help in identifying those calls which require immediate attention instead random sampling of calls due to which, agents will get better trained also be beneficial to resolve disputes. 

Customer Churn Analysis

This Article focuses on Customer Churn and how it is necessary to reduce it by analyzing and using different strategies to manage customer base for eventual success.

Technical evolutions and innovations have let the firms reach out for their potential prospects at a warp speed and are meeting the customer expectations that are almost unthinkable five years ago

data management

In this highly commoditized global marketplace where companies are unable to compete on price alo

social login

No matter which vertical your business serves in, it becomes imperative for everyone to engage with customers through the web properties they own. Providing privileged access to your resources as a means of engagement is surely the best way to build loyalty. Even the best brands in the world are representing the best example of this.

profile data

The best way to understand what your customers actually wants from you is to put yourself in your

6 Tech Tools to Better Customer Service

The best thing you can do to better customer service for your business is to hire the best customer service reps for the job. The next best thing you can do is give them the right tools—and train them on it! Technology is coming at us at godspeed, and it might seem overwhelming to try and keep up.

To achieve desired business goals, customer satisfaction is a significant factor that organizations must pay attention to.  No matter how good your products and services are.

help desk outsourcing

It is quite common today for businesses, whether a startup or big conglomerate