Speech Analytics – Stepping Stones to Contact Centers Success

speech analytics technology

When it comes to improving your contact center growth, first of all, one of the major objectives of a contact center is to get the better understanding of how to well serve your customers and meet their requirements. So, here is the main question is how do you trace what exactly your customers want from you? Speech analytics is a great tool which can leave marks on customer’s mind. Through this amazing solution, the company tends to get different phrases and terms which they can further use while talking over the call with their contact centers. This will improve customer service skills in the organization and then can also give the competitive edge.

Speech Analytics is generally used to control the increase of personnel performing on the given task. This technology will help in identifying those calls which require immediate attention instead random sampling of calls due to which, agents will get better trained also be beneficial to resolve disputes. 

Following Are the Factors That Are Involved In Defining Information Need of Customer:

1 - Goals and Objectives: To begin with, it is very important to define the goals and the relative objectives by interacting with customer or clients. This is to make clear of how speech analytics can be beneficial to overcome emerging needs of the management. This can be done by keeping few things in mind:

  • Understanding all the relevant reasons which are making customers call so that speech analytics technology can be executed. 
  • Categorize and Quantify can be a second valuable reason.  There is an utmost requirement to implement bucketization on the basis of their numbers and their related issues. This will not only improve customer’s experience but will certainly simplify the process of implementing analytics.

2 - Consistency: Other objectives may include the increase in consistency of customer service and cross-functional or department communication considering quality being the primary motive. This is indeed important to discover the fallouts in revenue and opportunities so that analytics can be applied more efficiently

3 - For applying speech analytics in call center, it is required to monitor customer interactions and ensuring that agents are following to the defined standard of the organization

4 - Speech analytics gives visibility into activities in the contact center and across the organization.

5 - Challenges: Most common in the contact center will be to fix the repetitive calls by the customer for same reasons and also failing to comply with the call center standards. Analytics can hereby help and can take necessary actions by achieving desired average handling time (AHT) and to increase first call resolution (FCR)

6 - Values: Speech analytics, also known as audio mining, is software that converts unstructured conversations, such as phone calls, into the structured output. According to the sources, most speech analytics solutions practice recorded conversations for their input, but the improvement has been made recently in real-time analysis. This makes supervisors identify outliers and later coach them on appropriate call handling methods

7 - Improvement Cycle: This is a continuous process of analytics procedure and involves tasks stated beneath:-

  • Bucketization of calls
  • List down the reasons for calls
  • Revise keywords, terms, and phrases
  • Monitor daily performance
  • Better understand performance
  • Monitor emerging trends
  • Uncover significance of trends
  • Optimize center performance

Every organization works to have qualitative and quantitative benefits by focusing on majorly on return on the investment (ROI). Thus, by simply focusing on the points mentioned above, the organization can achieve their goals.

8 - Scope: While looking to deploying accurate speech analytics services, it is important to have a limited scope initially, as this will ensure successful implementation and its return on investment. There should be a thorough test which is centric to the specific plan, what all are the measures, what can be achieved, relevant items and how much time it will take to implement it. 

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