8 Useful Tips to Effectively Clean Your Baby Bibs


As you venture into the realm of motherhood, keeping your baby's bibs clean and stain-free is something that you do almost constantly. If you’re wondering what the best ways to clean baby bib are, look no further. Here are a couple of tips that may help you get your baby bibs super clean, absolutely without ruining the fabric!

Read the Care Label Carefully:

When you’re going to wash baby bibs for the first time, make sure to read the care label carefully. Check for instructions like maximum water temperature, recommended detergents, drying procedures, etc. on the care label and launder your baby's bibs accordingly to keep the fabric from stretching and avoid colors bleeding.

Wipe Potential Stains Off Immediately:

Stains like breast milk, spit-up, and formula become quite difficult to remove because they set quickly after drying up. The best way to deal with this problem is treating the stain as quickly as possible. Remember, wiping or rinsing off a fresh stain earlier is much easier than fighting with a dry stain later.

Pre-treat the Stain:

Some tough stains, like ink, juice, spit-up, food grease and baby poop, don’t go away that easily and thereby require pre-treatment. To pre-treat such stains, all you need to do is to spray stain remover directly on the stain and gently rub the stain remover in with an old toothbrush. Allow the stain remover to soak into the fabric fibers for a while and then wash the bib after some time.

Try Soaking the Bib Overnight:

If the stain is very tough and dirty, you may try soaking the bib overnight in a mixture of one part water and one part diluted white vinegar. Doing so will lose the stain from the fabric of bib and help you get rid of the worst of the grub easily. This method is very effective for removing protein-based stains like breast milk, formula, spit-up, grass, and feces.

Choose the Right Laundry Detergent:

As your little one has very delicate and sensitive skin, make sure to use a baby-friendly detergent with no chlorine bleach, fragrances, dyes, or fabric softeners. Unlike regular detergents, baby laundry detergents are not too harsh and don’t cause the baby skin rashes or irritations. You may prefer to use a liquid detergent as it rinses out more completely than powder. Discover useful tips to effectively clean your baby's bibs, starting with selecting the right laundry detergent. Curious about laundry sheets and their benefits? Explore what are laundry sheets and how they can simplify your laundry routine.

Never Wash Bibs in Hot Water:

Never ever wash or rinse stained baby bibs in hot water as doing so can cause stains to set permanently and also may make fabric shrink or expand. Hot water cooks the proteins presented in the stains, which results in setting the stain even more. So always wash bibs with cold water for best washing results.

Give the Bibs an Extra Rinse:

To make sure there will be no residue left, run your baby bibs through the rinse cycle twice. If you do so, bleach will be completely rinsed with bibs and after that, you may put them into your dryer as normal. This step is crucial, especially when you’re using a powder laundry detergent that leaves behind flakes off.

Dry the Bib in Direct Sunlight:

If you don’t succeed in removing stains from baby bibs after washing, do not tumble dry them as it will make the stain nearly impossible to remove. Instead, take advantage of the bright sunlight which is surprisingly effective in getting stains out of fabric bibs. Hang bibs with any stains in a place where you get strong sunshine most of the time and after a few minutes, you’ll find that stains have either lightened up or disappeared altogether.

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