5 Key Trends in Business Process Outsourcing Industry

business process outsourcing

New technologies and innovations are the key drivers of the immense growth and development of the business process outsourcing (BPO) businesses across the globe. With companies rapidly adopting newer technologies, there is no doubt that the BPO domain is all set to observe major changes. In fact, the sector is also expected to show an overall increase in its market share and reduced control imposed by some unnecessary rules and regulations.

Global contact center outsourcing services providers are expected to deploy some latest and advanced technological innovations that would help them address the upcoming market challenges as well as enhance the delivery of products and services. All this is to be ensured while keeping all the associated costs low.

A number of other trends are creating their own space in the BPO industry. Some of the most relevant ones that you must keep a note of are as mentioned below:

1. Imparting Regular Training to Keep Them Updated

The BPO sector faces a major shortage in terms of skilled and efficient employees. This is because a majority of them are not imparted proper training at the right time, which, in turn, pushes them, back in this highly competitive market.

To deal with this shortage, the BPO’s have now started to impart requisite training to their employees. This is important as doing so will not only help in maximum utilization of human resources but also make them ready and up-to-date with the latest technological advancements and development.


2. Mutual Dependence Between BPOs and Startups

With the emergence of a large number of BPOs in the market, startups have now developed an increased level of dependence on them for their operations. Since startups face a lot of tough competition and pressure in the market to succeed even with limited resources, these small businesses soon start looking for some cost-effective ways that can help them gather a pool of talent. And, this is where the need for seeking help from one of the best contact center outsourcing services providers.

Seeking help from an external source is a smart choice as you can, then, focus more on improving your work quality and producing more revenue even with limited resources.


3. The Emergence of Latest Technologies

With the emergence of advanced technologies, a large number of business process outsourcing companies are taking a step ahead to make their best use. Technologies like cloud computing, social media, and automation are assisting many companies to create an edge over their competitors while keeping their costs low.

Tools that enable process automation while providing cost efficiency, social media management tools for a wealth of consumer data and cloud computing for improved business collaboration and data security are the latest on the list.


4. Improved Transparency

Gone are the days when the employees working at a BPO center or its clients used to live in dark about its technological advancements, challenge areas, and future plans. Companies as well as people these days prefer to stay well-informed about things that are affecting their lives.

An open channel of communication now exists between the different verticals of business. This, in turn, helps in ensuring that the companies are able to adjust their existing policies within the stipulated timeframe as well as help the clients in finding better investment opportunities.

There is no hidden policy that is signed between the client and the supplier, which, in turn, helps in ensuring that any deal/agreement signed between the two remains open to all.


5. Focus on Improving The Customer Experience

Delivering excellent customer experience is the key to attain success in this competitive market. Since customers are the breath and soul of any business, it is crucial to keep them happy so that they continue to avail of your services for the long term. Understanding this trend, an increasing number of BPOs have started focusing on delivering services at par to customer requirements. With some standardized processes that are supported by some latest technology, it is possible for the companies to deliver an improved customer experience and win their customers’ loyalty for a longer period of time.



It is important to understand that technology is overpowering each and every part of our daily lives. Therefore, do not limit your focus on improving customer experience. Instead, give an equal priority to things that may help bring a smile to many faces. So, if you are planning to outsource your BPO operations to a contact center outsourcing services company, start your search today and make a choice.

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