The most common question that every child who has passed the 12th standard HSC exam faces is what should I do next? And the most common answer to this applies to study engineering. This leads to the creation of a dilemma over whether to choose to study it or not?

Introduction to Neural Networks and their Types

In this article different types of Neural Network such as Feed-Forward Network, Convolutional Neural Network, Multilayer Perceptron and much more are described. Also, we concluded that Convolutional Network is basically used for text and image classification. To overcome their limitations Capsule Network came into existence. 

The number one thing everyone is looking for in today’s uncertain economy is job security.

electric power transmission

The very concept of electric power transmission lines is not alien to us. We all know how important electrical power is; but we seldom think deeper till we actually miss it. 

construction crane

Statistics show that up to 70% of all damage caused by pollution of the hydraulic system or debri