Things You Need To Know About Metal Fabrication Processes

Metal fabrication process

Metal Fabrication is a process of bending, cutting, and assembling metal with the help of different fabrication techniques and experts. During this process, metal fabricators create machines, metal parts, other metal or steel structures, from raw materials (steel, iron, alloy, etc.) and convert them into useable metal products for commercial and industrial applications. A proper fabrication solution is always required in different industries, factories, and plant facilities, therefore, it's important to understand the process, material and methods are used to get high-quality products.

Let's talk about this process, step by step, to understand it comprehensively.

Process Requirements:

This process demands a high degree of practice, relevant experience, and precise skill for bending, cutting and converting different metal pieces into useful parts, metal structures, and useful equipment.

Companies specialized in this process are usually called fab or metal fabrication shops. They provide complete fabrication solution to their customers. 

The major contributors in this industry are welders, ironworkers, blacksmiths, and professional fabricators that convert raw materials into final products, as per given engineering drawings. So, a proper qualification, deep knowledge and high level of skills are required to carry out this process professionally.  

Metal Fabrication Process

This process begins at the planning stage and consists of the following processes implemented by professional metal fabrication experts. These are:

  • Cutting Metal

  • Machining

  • Punching

  • Forging

  • Casting

  • Blanking

  • Welding

  • Brazing

  • Shearing

  • Drawing

  • Spinning

  • Shrinking

  • Roll forming

  • Stamping

  • Stretching

  • Hydroforming

  • Deep drawing


A Value-added Process of Fab Shops

The metal fabrication process is also called a value-added process because it consists of raw material transformation into value-added components and parts which are being used later on in different industries, plant facilities, aerospace structures, etc. They are converted into useful products by applying highly impactful and advanced turkey technologies and procedures. Machinery parts, customized metal structures, and other valuable products are manufactured by applying fabrication techniques.    

What Materials are Used:

In this process, different materials are utilized for different projects, engineering designs, and fabrication needs. Below are some of the materials used in metal fabrication. 

  • Castings

  • Expandable metal

  • Welding wire

  • Plate metal

  • Formed metal

  • Sectional metal

  • Flat metal

  • Steel

Now, we will discuss the different types of metal fabrication processes.

Commercial Metal Fabrication and Major Applications

The first process is called commercial fabrication. There are a number of metal fabrication applications which are involved in the manufacturing of commercial metal products.

Good examples of commercial products are heating and cooling systems, faucets, heaters, locks, cans, Latches, pots, etc.; these are prepared through advanced commercial fabrication procedures.

Industrial Metal Fabrication and Applications

The next type of process is called industrial metal fabrication. This is a very important type of process. The main applications of this process are the manufacturing of automotive bodies, aerospace parts, metal structures, farming industries, forging, stamping, coating, engraving, heat treating, and allied activities.

Structural  Fabrication

If we look around for examples of structural fabrication, then we will find many products that have been manufactured using the process of structural metal fabrication. Main applications are construction industrial spaces with steel, buildings, warehouses, bridges, etc. Different materials, such as steel, composite materials, etc. are used in this type of fabrication process.


Metal fabrication is a process which needs appropriate experience, great skills, and qualification. If you are looking for a dependable source for complete metal fabrication solution, using turnkey technologies and diverse capabilities, then choose a reliable source for your fabrication or machining project. They know how to produce top quality fabrication products based on engineering drawings and project requirements.

Remember, experienced companies continually optimize machinery and the manufacturing process for maintaining high output capability and efficient production cycle.

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