Why Certificate Courses In Light Mechanical Technology Are The Best Thing Today?


The number one thing everyone is looking for in today’s uncertain economy is job security. An equally important thing is, of course, job satisfaction, potential for growth, prospects for social mobility, etc. With the automobile industry looking up, having a career in this industry would ensure long-term security. At the same time, for those who love troubleshooting and problem solving, combined with a passion for cars and technology, there would be no better course than a certificate course in light mechanical technology. This gives you instant access into the world of automobile maintenance and repair, which is in much demand nowadays.

Job prospects in light mechanical technology:

A qualification in light mechanical technology provides all the knowledge you need to have to repair light vehicles. There is no doubt that the demand for light vehicles is never going to cease. People are going to continue buying new cars or upgrading their old ones, no matter what happens. A car is not just a necessity; it can also be a symbol of success for most people. As such, there will always be demand for qualified and experienced professionals who can repair and maintain these light vehicles.

Statistics worldwide indicate that there is a serious gap between the demand for professionals with a certificate in light mechanical technology and the supply. Employers are desperately looking for people who are not only qualified, but are also dedicated and passionate about their jobs.

Skills and knowledge provided in a course in light mechanical technology:

The light mechanical technology certificate course confers a broad range of practical skills that can be applied in a variety of situations to solve diverse problems. It also gives a very sound foundation of theoretical knowledge which is required for anyone who wants to know more and be sure about what they know. There is also a very strong practical component to the course that helps one to immediately adapt to the working environment after completion of the course. Some of the topics that are generally covered by the best technical training institutes that offer these courses are the following:

  • Knowledge about safe working practices and awareness about best practices in environment and sustainability in the automotive industry
  • Diagnosing, testing and repairing of electrical circuits, engine management systems, spark ignition, batteries, charging and starting systems, ignition and hydraulic braking systems, emission control systems, steering systems, suspension systems, cooling systems, petrol fuel systems, etc.
  • Various diagnostic procedures
  • Maintenance of equipment and tools

Advantages of the light mechanical technology course:

Most of the courses are of a one-year duration though they can vary depending on the institute. They are also cost effective and affordable. This means that by doing this course, students can expect to be employed full time and with a handsome salary in less than 1 to 2 years of commencement of the course. This is perfect for those who are starting out in this field totally fresh or for those who already have experience in the field but are looking for additional qualifications for career advancement and higher salaries.

Job openings for light vehicle motor mechanics in Australia:

The Australian Department of Employment notes that job openings between 2015 and 2020 for general motor mechanics are expected to be in the range of 25,000 to 50,000. The average weekly earnings (full time) for this profession was $1000, which is on par with the average earnings for all occupations in Australia (which is $1200).

Bright prospects for a dream come true vocation:

Enrolling in a certificate course in light mechanical technology gives one the security and stability of a career that will always be in demand, even in ever-changing economies. With a good salary and great prospects for career advancement to supervisory and managerial levels as well, enrolling for this course is a smart choice for smart people.

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