Benefits Of Using GFRP Fiberglass Rebar In Construction

GFRP Rebar in Construction

The composite rebar industry introduced fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composites towards the end of the sixties. At that time, the construction industry was considering the option of using composite materials as a replacement of traditional steel. Almost two decades later, the theory was tested. Researchers started developing composite materials and using them in concrete reinforcement.

The construction industry now understands the significance of composite material. Civil engineers prefer to implement FRP composites as it is corrosion and rust resistant. Concrete structures built using FRP rebars remain free from rust as well as corrosion due to the aforementioned characteristics.

What is Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP)

Glass fiber reinforced polymer is a variant of FRP. It is being increasingly used by construction companies and it has proved to be a cost-effective and better solution. Acid rain is a natural phenomenon that leads to corrosion. Weathering plays an important role in structures losing their strength. GFRP rebar addresses certain issues by empowering the structures to remain rust free. The use of GFRP products comes with a number of advantages.

Advantages of GFRP

     1. Strength

GFRP rebars provide mechanical support to concrete structures. The strength of the composite materials adds to the strength of the concrete structure. Strength is one of the major concerns of construction companies and is also a major demand of clients. A strong foundation is what makes for a strong building.

     2. Corrosion Resistant  

GFRP is a construction material that does not corrode under aggressive environmental conditions. Corrosion resistant behavior can save the construction industry billions of dollars every year as maintenance cost is cut down by a large margin. Rust-free materials are ideal for marine or waterside applications such as water tanks, wastewater treatment facilities, bridges, retaining walls, etc.

      3. Economical

Initial installation cost of GFRP rebar is slightly high. However, considering the minimum maintenance over the whole life cycle, it’s cost effective to use GFRP reinforcement. In the long run, using GFRP rebar proves to be economical as maintenance and repair costs are reduced significantly.  

     4. Light Weight

GFRP rebar is lighter than steel rebar. Being an inherently lightweight material, GFRP bars help structural engineers complete a project in a short period of time without using any heavy equipment to transport or install the reinforcement.

     5. Low Maintenance

Since composite materials are rust-free, governments don’t have to spend a lot of money to maintain bridges. Low maintenance costs make GFRP concrete reinforcement an economically viable construction solution.

The above-mentioned characteristics of GFRP give it an edge over its reigning contender: Steel. Metal rebars have long been used by the construction industry. However, the trend is recently undergoing a shift. Construction companies and builders, in general, face the obstacles of rust and corrosion when dealing with metal rebar. Properties of steel like vulnerability to corrosion make it less effective in corrosive environments. Structures reinforced with steel rebar slowly die out due to the effects of weathering and wear and tear.

GFRP Rebar: A Preferable Option for Construction

Contrary to steel, rebar made from GFRP composites has proven to be a much better option. The strength of composite materials gives the structure much needed support and protection against harsh weather conditions. An added bonus is the fact that GFRP composites are resistant to corrosion. This makes GFRP rebar a more viable option than steel which is highly prone to corrosion.

Using GFRP rebar instead of steel rebar increases the lifespan of concrete structures. Be it a sculpture or a skyscraper, concrete structures usually wither away with time. Composite reinforcement can significantly slow down the deterioration process and help concrete members achieve extended service life.

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