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Persistent chronic pain can make life miserable and those who suffer from it are constantly looki

There are a number of reasons that a pain management doctor fires patients.

Asthma is one of the major respiratory diseases. It is the chronic inflammation of the airways to and from the lungs.

It is estimated that approximately 1/3 of those diagnosed and being treated for cancer experience

If your regular doctor is referring you to a pain doctor, you may wonder why and what can this do

An exam by a primary care physician will be the first place a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease is

There are millions of us in America who are suffering from arthritis or one of the other diseases

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The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has been looking closer at the use of several pain medicati

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Cancer is one of the major reasons that are responsible for causing a great nu

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Frequent coughs are very common these days and can get very annoying.

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Have you ever been involved in a vehicle accident and you weren’t sure what type of doctor to see

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Even though you may be a paying patient or have the best health insurance possible, a pain doctor, or any type of doctor, can deny you services.

Whether you are suffering from a cold or flu, you need to know the difference.

Elimination of waste is not just a factor of waste evacuation from the body.

Gout is a painful condition associated with the small joints of the muscular s

Eczema is a term used in the medical science that denotes multiple skin proble