Benefits of Squat Stool to Poop Right and Maintain Healthy Living!

Elimination of waste is not just a factor of waste evacuation from the body. It regulates the health status of our body. When one has to diagnose any serious health disorder in the body, this is done by conducting a test on the stool. The odor of stool, the volume of stool, shape and size of the stool gives a better insight of the gastrointestinal health status.

Now if an individual has been practicing the wrong way to eliminate waste out of the body, reparations are bound to occur. As a matter of fact; we have adopted western ways in our daily life to a large extent. In certain areas, it has benefited to a large extent and in other respects, it had resulted in just the contrary. Adoption of western toilet seat has benefited people in not applying strain on the knees and ankle. But medical studies show that it has many health problems associated with its usage.

Sitting posture on a western toilet is a wrong way to poop as it goes against nature. The natural posture to poop is squatting and not sitting. Sitting does not allow fecal to evacuate naturally and imposes a strain on the colon and puborectalis muscle. Grab complete information on why you need to squat over the potty and not sit to eliminate for logical insight.

Occurrence of adverse health effects with sitting posture

Constipation- natural gravity does not work and this checks the bowel movement. Bowel stagnation occurs to a large extent because of muscle kink right at the entrance of rectum
Hemorrhoids- it is a condition wherein veins in and around the anus and lower rectum get swollen and inflamed as one imposes great pressure on the rectum to push the feces inside.
Colon diseases- as feces get stagnated in the colon area; many intestinal related diseases germinate in the body. Feces are nothing but the leftover of food particles containing no essential nutrients in them. These leftover are highly toxic in nature and, therefore, the sooner it is flushed out of the body the better it is.
Pelvic Floor Issues- The pelvic floor acts as a hammock that supports the pelvic organs which include bladder and rectum of men and uterus and vagina of women. Wrong sitting posture allows damage of this organ. Once it gets damaged it results to constipation, fecal and urinary incontinence.
Urinary infections- The flow of urinary is naturally stronger when one is squatting than sitting or hovering. Incomplete urination leads to greater chances of infection germination.

How purchasing a Toilet Squat Stool helps an individual?

As one acquires proper information on the list of the demerit of sitting posture on modern commode toilet seat they would like to correct it without any delay. But will replacing their toilet seat with any other seat be easy? Will it work out their limited budget? Well relax; you need not get stressed out as present in the market is an innovative tool known as toilet squat stool which is an inexpensive and best-working aid for all who use western commode toilet. You need not replace toilet seat but simply add this stool to be used with western toilet seat to attain perfect squatting posture.

Features of the toilet stool

The stool is easy to tuck under any commode seat size
Stool containing anti-slip grooves in feet shape to allow correct position of feet for perfect squatting posture
Gapping between legs to allow no strain on ankle and again for perfect squatting posture
Stool designed for one for all with no description of age and gender
Stool containing anti-skid grips to allow firmness of stool on toilet surface
Stool manufactured with special plastic material for durability and product strength

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