Effectiveness Of Ayurvedic Medicine For Eczema Skin

Eczema is a term used in the medical science that denotes multiple skin problems. These may include itching, irritation, inflammation, redness and burning sensation on the skin. Even there may be appearance of scaly patches on the skin. Allergies are chiefly responsible causing this type of skin condition. The sufferer keeps on scratching the affected areas of the skin so as to soothe down the discomfort caused due to itching, irritation or inflammation. Even sometimes, there is bleeding from the skin at some points due to constant scratching. People who are highly allergic towards certain foods, pollens, allergens present in the environment or dander from animals are at high risk of suffering from eczema. This skin condition may attack any of the body parts. People of all age groups and genders may get affected by this skin condition.
Treatment for eczema with ayurvedic medicine

Keeping in mind the severe discomfort associated with the condition of eczema, ayurvedic medicine world has made varying researches and formulated certain medicines in the form of remedies or products. Ayurvedic medicine for eczema skin aims at eradicating this skin issue from its root cause so as to prevent its recurrence.

a. To soothe down the irritation and itching on your skin, you may use organic cold pressed virgin coconut oil. It is one of the safest and most effective ways to heal your skin without causing any harm to the skin in any manner.

b. Acute symptoms of eczema may be relieved well by topical application of strong brew of chamomile tea. It is prepared by steeping the fresh dried chamomile herbs for around 15 minutes. You may repeat the same process 2-3 times in a day to have effective relief from the discomfort associated with eczema.

c. Topical application of aloe Vera gel by mixing the same with Vitamin E oil on the affected areas offers great relief from the symptoms of eczema instantly. It is due to cooling and soothing effect offered to the skin.

d. Chaparral herb which is commonly known as Larrea tridentate in botanical science is rich in antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and hence helps in offering relief from itching, inflammation and any types of infections on the skin. Add small amount of tincture obtained from this herb to the bathing water to have effective relief from eczema.

e. Borage or better known as Borago officianalis in botanical science is rich in Gamma linolenic acid. The oil extracted from this herb may be applied topically on the affected areas so as to keep skin hydrated. At the same time, repair of the damaged skin cells is also accelerated with the help of this oil.

f. Similarly, essential oil extracted from Cajeput herb is also helpful in eradication of eczema from the skin. It is due to presence of active chemicals such as alpha-terpineol, benzalhedyde, cajeputol and limonene in the oil obtained from this herb.

g. Take three organic carrots and boil them after removing the upper skin. When carrots become soft make a paste and apply the same on the affected skin areas. Wait for around 15 minutes followed by rinsing with cool water and pat dry after that
You can also get rid of this skin condition using ayurvedic medicine for eczema skin in a natural and safe manner. Thus do not forget to follow these natural remedies in place of other harsh chemicals for betterment of your skin. Side-effects free treatment is always safe and can be more efficient as compared to other methods. One should opt for all natural and organic cures for treating various skin ailments.

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