Don’t Be a Dunce! Avoid Typical Marketing Mistakes as a Start-Up

marketing mistakes

Have you recently opened up a new start-up?

Well, in that case, you must already have a taste of the level of blood, sweat & tears that is required for a new business to succeed.

However, often in the throes of excitement and incorrect business planning, start-ups tend to make few rigorous marketing mistakes, which results in their brand becoming history, even before it made a place for itself in the global market.

Now, there’s no need to get anxious!

Marketing strategist over the years has found out few recurring mistakes by start-ups that put a stop to successful business endeavors.

Hence, to prevent your company form making the same errors, give this article a read and act in accordance.

Typical marketing mistakes to avoid (Start-ups)

Marketing Mistake

1. Sticking to traditional marketing!

Newspapers ads and posts are not only costly but today aren’t half as effective as promoting your brand in the digital arena is.

Today, from big brands to small ones, all use the help of the World Wide Web to gain recognition & build a reputation. The intent and social media are like an addictive game of poker. People play to win, and hence, with the correct self-promotion, one can instantly gain fame overnight.

One standard way of self-promotion used by brands is content marketing. More than 75 % of global brands take the aid of a content marketing agency to post relevant articles on the WWW. These companies use targeted keywords and create compelling content strategies which help a website rank in SERP.

The higher a website ranks, the more the digital audience is acclaimed to click on it. Thus this helps in building traffic and turning the potential audience into customers.

2. Not utilizing social media.

If a company in today’s competitive domain uses just a content marketing agency and focuses on posting relevant articles online, that won’t gain it the required traffic.

The real deal is social media! Nearly 37% of the world’s population and approximately 2.8 billion humans use social media. Hence, these days, more and more brands are using effective content marketing strategies to win over the social audience.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more; brands are using social media post writings & other promotional means to catch the attention of the social audience.

Additionally, from hosting quick giveaways, to influencer marketing, and posting human stories about brands, businesses experiment a lot using professional content writers.

3.  Not focusing on SEO & quality

Often start-ups aren’t clear about the concept of SEO. Therefore, sometimes they just hire any random content marketing agency or freelancer and post mundane contents with stuffed keywords.

This doesn’t sit wet with Google; merely, stuffing keywords in content won’t get it to rank on Google’s SERP.

To make the content attractive and SEO optimised, it should have the following –

  • Proper keyword placement which is all through its body.
  • Keyword in title, Meta title and maintaining correct keyword density.
  • No grammatical errors with excellent quality
  • Proper snippets inside content, which are informative.

4. Using an improper call to action tones

Call to action is a vital aspect of marketing, and using the correct tone is crucial. A brand hence, must not hire a content marketing agency which uses an improper call to action.

The ideal call to action tone, should be coercive, and point towards how the particular company can help out audiences. Additionally, CTA tones must not be too boastful and commanding, as that drives away customers.

5. Non-informative product descriptions

If you’ve recently launched an E-commerce website, then it’s vital you post informative product descriptions which are engaging and entertaining. This will help your customers understand if the product or service will suit their needs or not.

Plus, if you manage to make the product seem enticing through your product content writing, then customers will be more inclined to buy it from your store.

Tip: Use shorter sentences, and simple words, but make the product descriptions useful and engaging.

Well, there you go, avoid these few mistakes and do the needful promotion of your brand on social media and voila! Your start-up will soon sail into smooth waters.

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