Why Go To A Pain Center After An Auto Accident?

After you have been in an auto accident, the law enforcement that is called to the scene will probably ask if you need to seek medical attention. Unless you are severely injured or unconscious, this is optional for you. While you may decline that option, you may decide you need to seek legal counsel later. 

At that point, if the accident is clearly not your fault, or there is questionable that it isn’t, your attorney may send you to a pain center.

A pain center is staffed with a variety of pain management doctors and is often the first place an attorney will refer their clients. Car accidents can cause unknown injuries and you deserve to have yourself thoroughly examined to be certain there are not any unseen injuries or issues.

Yes, it is true that there are those in the legal industry know as “Auto Crash Specialists” or “Car Accident Doctors” all out to get the most insurance money they can for their client, and them. However, it is also true that the possibility of sustaining injuries not immediately noticed can happen too. At a pain center, this can be determined and get you help in treating those injuries right away.

The Right Specialist

It is important to get help from the right specialist and by checking in to a pain center, there are several different specialists on staff and each will either examine you or take a look at your chart. The goal is to get you the right medical attention, not to make you or you attorney money. Some of the specialists that you may be examined by or spoken to are:

  • Neurologist or Neurosurgeon: If you have any possible head injury, this is the right specialist to look at you.
  • Orthopedic Surgeon: If you have any broken bones, this is the specialist for you.
  • Chiropractor: Sore and stiff muscles.
  • Massage or Physical Therapists: These specialists are helpful if you are having muscles spasms or muscle weaknesses.

After looking at each of these specialists and the issues you may need their services can explain why just one primary doctor may not be sufficient. Even if you are taken to, or take yourself to an emergency, you will be seen by a general physician, but they in turn, may refer you to either a pain center or a specialist for specific injuries.

After any injury is healed though, it may still be to your best interest to visit a pain center. There are many benefits to these types of facilities so that your injuries, healed or otherwise, can be evaluated, especially if you are still experiencing pain. The consultation with one of the specialists on staff there can determine if you need further care.

Initiating pain management treatment as soon as possible will provide you relief sooner following trauma such as an auto accident. It will also help determine if there is something more wrong than what was diagnosed in the emergency room. The longer you wait to see a doctor or visit a pain center, the more damage can take place. 

Should the auto accident not be your fault or if it is your fault, most insurance policies, both auto and health, will pay on claims made by a pain center. You should always verify this information prior to your first appointment with both the insurance company and the pain center you choose to go to. They administrative offices of the facility will be able to tell you if they file the claim for you with only a co-pay, or if you will need to pay out-of-pocket and file for reimbursement. Each facility has its own process of handling insurance and payment. 

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