How You Can Decide Which is the Best Global Payment Gateway for You

How You Can Decide Which is the Best Global Payment Gateway for You

Although you may have a clear cut idea about the kind of payment gateway you are looking for, you may not always be able to distinguish a gateway that works for you from the other. Given this scenario, especially with the many alternatives at your disposal, how is it possible to find the best global payment gateway that truly works for you? It’s simple; all you have to do is follow these simple tips that give you an accurate idea about this dilemma.

Check whether your e-commerce platform supports your gateway
The payment gateway you opt for will have to be integrated with your existing e-commerce site. To make sure the gateway truly works in tandem with your platform, you need to know the kind of gateways your service provider supports and whether they can offer more than one. Besides this, know whether they support the preferred payment methods of your various customers. Does the gateway come with a full site Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate or will they integrate via an API?

See if the payment methods support your customer base
You need to know for a fact that the payment gateway works successfully with the payment methods your customer wants and needs. To be on the safe side, it is always nice to provide a wide variety of choices. Getting acquainted with who your specific customers are is also important. Knowing whether you have alternative methods of payment and not just a single one is a sure shot way to help you improve your customer base.

Do the costs of transacting stack up appropriately?
It is likely that you will be paying several different parties when you utilize a payment gateway on your e-commerce site. This includes the payment gateway provider, the merchant bank provider as well as your website provider. Knowing whether there are any hidden costs and other surprises down the line also keeps you aware and alert. All of this lets you know what your costs are going to eventually amount to.

Be aware about the reputation and support offered
In order to secure the best global payment gateway, you need to know you are investing in a reputed and reliable gateway. To understand this, know what their response time is like. Are the professionals truly helpful and so they genuinely help you with your issues? Can they be trusted and have they had any kind of security breaches of late? When you contact them, do you get to speak to a trusted professional in a face-to-face manner or are your calls sent to a call center? Know about this before making your decision.

The overall purchasing experience should be seamless
When customers are conducting online transactions, you want to make sure it is easy and secure. To make sure you win in this aspect, know-how aligned the check out pages are with the rest of your e-commerce site, the number of steps it takes to get through the process and the kind of assurance you obtain about the security of their sensitive information.

After you have considered all of these aspects and are set to make a choose the best global payment gateway, all you have to do after this is gather your data, put together a comprehensive spreadsheet where you can easily compare all your payment gateway packages. This ensures you can measure the pros and cons before narrowing down your options to eventually pick the best one for you. The payment process is an important part of your business. You simply cannot afford to take it lightly and with the tips mentioned above, you can safely say, you don’t have to.

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