Tips for SMEs to Enhance Business With PWAs

Tips for SMEs to Enhance Business With PWAs

Mobile apps may have been all the rage in our digital world but they are being gradually edged out by progressive web apps. Further, the app development industry is on a constant lookout for technologies and processes that would enable a smooth user experience. In fact, PWAs have proven to be especially helpful for SMEs and startups.  And, being mobile-first, PWAs play an essential role in driving business for SMEs across the globe. These benefits extend to organizations and customers alike. 

To understand why that is, let’s dive into the brilliant benefits to learn how PWAs help address the key problems with its highly advantageous functionality.

, let us see 

1. Improved app discovery: Apple’s App Store, Google’s Play Store, and other such app stores are home to millions and millions of apps, which means a traditional app would be subject to intense competition. There is no such competition associated with PWAs since they do not need app stores, making PWAs instantly easier to discover.

2. Superior revenue model: PWAs help companies circumvent the restrictions and issues associated with dealing with a platform’s application store. With PWAs, companies do not need an App Store, meaning they are able to not only innovate considerably but also save their hard-earned revenue since they do not have to pay the intermediary App Store a share of their revenues.

Now, let us discuss how SMEs can put PWAs to work for their businesses: 

1. More leads: PWAs are also good for lead generation since once they have been installed on users’ smartphones, companies gain the ability to communicate with users via instant pop-ups. This way, you can share marketing content, details about new products, etc.

2. Get visitors to come back: One of the biggest challenges companies face when it comes to digital tools is ensuring that their audience keeps coming back. While this can be quite cumbersome to ensure with websites and apps, it is common knowledge that users accept PWAs only once they are sure the web app will be able to fulfil their requirements. Let us not forget that PWAs are positioned on the Home Screen of users’ smartphones, meaning they are typically hard to miss.

3. Better brand awareness: Research has shown that PWAs are highly conducive to full-screen experiences as well as certain splash screens, resulting in as much as 78.25 percent long user sessions as compared to the duration of sessions involving apps and websites. As a result, SMEs can rest assured that PWAs help companies achieve impressive levels of brand awareness.

Finally, let us also discuss some key considerations to help you decide if a PWA is indeed the right choice for your start-up.

●A PWA would be perfect if you are looking to provide visitors with real-time information
●PWAs would also serve those businesses well that offers the app as a means to allow visitors to execute certain tasks or processes
●In case you want to ensure users will have access to the app even when they do not have access to internet connectivity, PWA is the right choice for your business

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, a quick, and yet fairly comprehensive guide, to how progressive web apps can serve SMEs and start-ups in a variety of ways. As you can see, PWAs are a robust modern tool that can immediately enhance the brand’s presence in the market, offer access to substantially better revenue models, ease the ability to access the app, and so much more, provided, of course, you get your development strategy right. What are you waiting for, then? Go ahead and find a trusted PWA development services provider for your project ASAP.

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