flexible screens

Technology continues to make amazing advances in this field. A slightly better camera! A slightly brighter screen! Rose gold phones! etc.

Pixel Phone

The best of Google is now in the form of hardware and software. Pixel- The first phone made by Google is out.

App Developers

One of the imperative aspects of the mobile or android app development is to figure out the apt time and method of updating your apps. As an app developer, you might have realized the difference between desktop apps and mobile apps.

As a mobile app developer, you might have had to face several challenges during the development phase.

Android Speed Booster

Android devices offer a variety of services and come as a complete package. Despite the fact, it offers variety and range of services it comes with their own limitations which affect its performance and speed.

Whether you’re looking to order your favorite food, want to do some shopping, want to call a cab

Mobile games have come of age, thanks to the increasing abilities of the mobile devices and the operating systems.

Swift has come a long way since its initial release just more than 2 years ago, back in June of 2014. The programming language has quickly risen to one of the top contenders for application development

The app economy is inching new high every day. The raison d'etre doesn’t need an explanation.

tips and tricks android marshmallow

With Android Marshmallow, the user now has the ability to grant various permissions to an App separately. To access these permissions follow these steps

In 2015 over one hundred ninety million individuals by me used a telephone, and that quantity is

Amongst so many options in smartphones, smartphone lovers are quite fond of Android smartphones w

How to Optimize Android Tablet

Bigger is always better. And, that’s how it works with Android tablets as well.

How to Improve Performance of your Android Device?

Android itself comes with so many spectacular features and the most significant one is its open-s

Developers judge the app success based on download numbers or position in the app store ranks.