Six Major Benefits of Cross-Platform Development for Hospitality Industry

Six Major Benefits of Cross-Platform Development for Hospitality Industry

Nowadays, customers prefer superior quality mobile applications that work across a range of lucrative platforms and devices such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Likewise, the modern hospitality industry cannot sustain without the mobile technology. From booking tickets online, making an online payment, and ensuring the customers keep engaged and returning to your business, every hospitality firm relies on a wide range of mobility tools and platforms.

Designing and developing mobile apps for multiple mobile platforms provide a multitude of benefits with a major one being building native-like applications that deliver an exceptional, consistent user experience. There are many advantages of using cross-platform development for any business. Here is the list of some of the other benefits of cross-platform mobile development for your hospitality businesses.

  1. Greater Reach – The more mobile operating systems you build for, the more customers you will be able to reach soon as well as easily. With Google Android and Apple iOS competing for the top positions globally, the number of mobile users and use of mobile apps is increasing tremendously every day. Building a mobile app that runs on the majority of mobile OSes will give you an added benefit of tapping into the more significant market potential.
  2. Code Reuse – One of the major benefits of using multi-platform app development is code reusability. Instead of writing new lines of code for each platform from scratch, mobile application developers can write code for one platform and reuse it across other platforms. It helps to cut down on the time, effort and money you need to invest in building apps for each operation system, thus eliminating task redundancy and drudgery.
  3. Uniform Look and Feel – With cross-platform mobile app development, it is easier to maintain consistency in the overall design, look and feel of your app across multiple platforms. When developing apps for various platform natively, it is difficult to synchronise different development teams and ensure consistent app performance and user experience on all the other platforms.
  4. Cost-effectiveness – Building a cross-platform solution for various operating systems is highly cost-effective as the process leverages a single codebase. Enterprises pay for building a separate app but multiple mobile systems thus reducing the investment cost which is required for resources, tools, and technologies for a specific portable system.
  5. Simplified Marketing – When you are having a more excellent outreach and large user base, marketing and branding become easier. It means you do not need to create niche marketing messages for a specific set of users. You can market the app on various media platforms via generalised messages for the target groups.
  6. Rapid App Development – Mobile app development with cross-platform solutions like Xamarin, Sencha and PhoneGap is much faster than native app development. It is because the solution deploys a single script to run on all platforms. Rapid app development also results in the product reaching the market sooner than usual. Moreover, the time saved can be utilized for fixing the app errors and making your app more useful to your target users. It is just a win-win situation for all – enterprise, developers, and customers.

Wrapping Up

While mobile apps are becoming diverse and user bases are exponentially expanding, there’s no one specific choice of platform you can build. The concept of cross-platform is gaining immense popularity among all other industries including healthcare, financial, eCommerce and more. Apart from code reuse capability, cross platforms have a whole lot more to offer when compared to native app development. Would you prefer developing a cross-platform mobile app for your hospitality business? Share your thoughts with us using the comments section below.

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