Ever wondered, what is the most important thing that makes sure that the proposed event goes on a

A Project Management Office (PMO) is a centralized, coordinating body within an organisation that provides an infrastructure of people, procedures, and tools for effective project management.

When done properly, an office renovation can breath new life and increased productivity into your

Asset Management

Think you know everything about hotel operations management?

7 Ways a Project Manager can improve his People Skills

Project management is a technique which is more about managing people than managing projects. Here are 7 ways a project manager can improve his people skills.

Corporate hospitality is hospitality provided by businesses, usually for its clients or potential

Might be the name sounds familiar and one may think of it as the most prestigious job but in actu

Today, it’s important to understand the responsibility of employee benefit plans (EBP), and to be

Data security is one of those essential elements that can never be overlooked by any organisation

Have you handled any project yet? The project may belong to engineering, production, manufacturing, technology or even of market research.

If your organization hires both paid and volunteers for their projects, you must follow these tip

One question always boggles a freelancer’s mind, i e if he/she should ask for money by project or by hours. 

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Not all customers are created equal, in the profitability they bring to you and in the volume that they buy from you. Some of your clients have the critical impact on your business.