Himanshu Bounthiyal

Himanshu Bounthiyal is in marketing and research domain with MattsenKumar, who have shown tremendous growth in Consulting, BPO services, and speech analytics software. Himanshu has a keen interest in marketing and technology, which allows him to write on various topics including, marketing growth, business technologies, and customer services.

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business process outsourcing

It has always been said and believed that delivering the best customer service is the key to attain success. Meeting your customers’ expectations serves as the best tool to not only win their trust and confidence but also create a niche over your competitors in the market.

speech analytics technology

Building a strong relationship with the customers is a tough task as there is little or no information available about the customers in a real-time scenario. This is where speech analytics software can play a major role.

back office outsourcing

When managing business functions at the same time is concerned, outsourcing the back office functions to one of the back office service providers have been in trend these days. With a large number of organizations gaining a better understanding about the benefits of availing the services

speech analytics for customer experience

The businesses, these days, are continually focusing on improving their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategies. One of those important steps that are being taken by almost every business firm is availing the services offered by various contact centers in the market. 

speech analytics facts

Speech analytics technology has existed in the market for over a decade now. But, there are still many companies that do not understand much about the technology.

business process outsourcing

These are a number of other trends which are creating their own value in the Business Process Outsourcing industry. Here we bring you some of the most relevant ones that you should know.

speech analytics technology

Speech analytics technology will help in identifying those calls which require immediate attention instead random sampling of calls due to which, agents will get better trained also be beneficial to resolve disputes. 

contact center agent performance

Believe it or not, but no contact center can last without agent’s performance in long run. However, contact center industry has potential to earn good revenue and along with cutting in cost. But, along with earn maximum, it is also very crucial to better take care of your staff to maximize the productivity. 

Outsourcing to India

India has proved to be one of the most preferred global destinations for business outsourcing. Here are some of the benefits why outsourcing to India has significantly outshined the business growth.