Why is Sales Enablement Important?

sales enablement

Do you know what leading organizations are doing to succeed in Sales enablement? It does not matter with the size of the organization and the kind of business you are running, you must be curious to know the key for successful sales enablement concept. It has been proved by a recent study that sales-enabled sellers massively outperformed their competitors in lead conversion.

Before going in-depth to the concept, let’s first discuss what exactly is sales enablement?

Fundamentally, sales enablement is a process of encouraging the sales professionals to sell more effectively by providing them with the information, content, training and the required tools. The process of sales enablement is actually very easy.

In simple words, sales enablement is the practice of making selling as simple as possible.

Importance of Sales Enablement

Who does not want to achieve more revenue? Well, sales enablement exactly does this by helping the organizations achieve smoother selling process. In comparison to the traditional sales model where the focus is only on the top performers, sales enablement provides access to every salesperson. This is because the motive behind sales enablement is to lift up the entire sales team which in turn leads to achieve the desired sales results.

Best Practices for Sales enablement:

Sharing the right content

Sharing the compelling content is one of the best ways to bring value to your users and it is a sure way to building a long-term relationship with them. For the sales organizations, it has become a must need to produce the right content that can help their sales teams.

But in order to produce the right content, you first need to understand the needs of your customers. Find out what types of content your potential buyers need at each stage. The relevant content allows the sales teams to make the best possible sales strategy and can convince the buyers to purchase a product from your organization.

Share Wins

Motivating the sales team is a much-needed task of the sales leaders. It is the duty of the sales leaders to cultivate a culture of gratitude and positivity between your marketing and sales departments.

Let the team members know whenever a salesperson closes a new deal and effectively leverages a piece of marketing collateral. This thing not only creates a sense of appreciation among your team members but will lead to producing better results.

Understanding your sales reps

Knowing the skills of your sales reps is highly crucial. Sales enablement efforts are meant only for the salespeople who can generate leads. In order to succeed in sales enablement, just make sure that your sales team has excellent communication skills and the ability to connect with clients at all levels in the organizational hierarchy.


Sales enablement is considered as the glue between sales and marketing. By providing a strong connection between sales and marketing, sales enablement helps measuring the effectiveness of content assets, messaging and collateral that are sent to buyers.

Focus on your customers

Being customers focused will take your sales enablement efforts on improving the customer experience and give you the chance of holding onto your existing customers. This entire process includes helping your sales teams personalize their customer communications, listen for customer’s feedback via social media channels, and provide value to customers through new tools or training which will help in increasing user adoption after the sale.

Adhering to these sales enablement best practices will not only bring improvement in your organizations’ sales and marketing alignment but also in your company’s revenue.

How can you measure the use of Sales Enablement?

As such, there is no tool exist which can tell you about the use of sales enablement in a particular organization. In order to measure the exact use of sales enablement, you need to speak to your sales team and ask them how often they use the resources you have provides and how effective they feel they are. Surveys can be conducted to distribute, collect and analyze this information at scale. By having your team’s usage data and feedback, it would be easy for you to make improvements to your sales enablement program.

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