Social Selling for B2B Marketing

Social Selling for B2B Marketing

Are you following the right tactics, tools, and training to leverage social media? Well, using social media platforms is not just limited to spending time on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook. Today’s B2B buyers are socially sophisticated, modern, and informed. Whether it is in-house or outsources B2B prospecting services, you need to procure and plan a B2B marketing plan and carry out it successfully. Only a reliable marketing strategy can help you in analyzing your current business status and develop performance criteria to gauge, keep track of, and allows you to achieve your profit objective.

Want to learn Social Selling?

The practice of marketing products and services to enterprises does not work without a well-planned strategy. Gone is the time when marketers used to follow different traditional ways of calling in order to keep themselves ahead of their competitors. Now the concept of social selling has replaced the traditional ways of selling and has become the game-changing market and sales strategy.

As per 2016, The Aberdeen Group, 3% of sales reps using social selling as part of their sales process outperformed their sales peers and exceeded quota 23% more often.

Why should you care about social selling?

B2B marketers and sales teams who use social selling as a tactic are enjoying an improved lead-to-closure rate. Whereas, the others who followed traditional methods like cold calling and cold emailing are not faring as well.

Traditional selling is a cunning process that encourages making purchases irrespective of whether the buyers want to buy or not.  It is typically the 1960s-80s selling and still found today.  The major techniques include cold calling and advertising which are considered a one-way conversation between the sales rep and the buyer.

Social selling is simply sales that focus only on the prospects with the sole objective of revenue generation. The whole concept involves utilizing professional networks and concentrating on real people in order to keep the brand at the forefront of the customer’s mind. Implementing social into your sales process will help you get brand recognition, allow you to build a relationship, and ensure that your customer service is running at optimal speed.

The major difference is that the traditional selling techniques focus mainly on short-term sales results whereas; social selling is more about building long-lasting relationships. The traditional selling does not take into account developing a long-term relationship with customers and is more concerned with just making a sale.

In order to build their brands, social selling is considered one of the most effective methods for B2B marketers which can connect them with the current and prospective clients to build relationships of empathy and trust.

To get the maximum out of social selling, B2B marketers need to follow the best practices.

Adding value is a must. Social selling is not only about making interactions on Twitter or LinkedIn. Instead, it requires adding something useful or informative to the prospects each time you reach out.

Keeping in mind the norms that differentiate the platform from its competition, you should develop content in a way that takes advantage of these differences.

Simply pushing a message does not work in social selling as there is a lot more to it. Successful B2B marketers understand that their key advantage comes from creating meaningful relationships with their customers and establishing a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness. So the sales leaders need to prepare their sales teams for prospect’s conversations to share insights where required and to answer questions your peers might have.

The social selling strategy is incomplete without measurement. In order to know that you are working in the right direction, you can establish a review schedule along with a series of performance indicators to connect to your broader sales goals.

To conclude, every organization performs differently when it comes to social selling execution. B2B marketers will get numerous ways to do this. Irrespective of how you choose to execute a social selling strategy, you should not forget that the most important thing is to build strong and lasting connections that deliver real value to the customers.

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