6 Types of Sales Tools for Boosting Conversion Rates

6 Types of Sales Tools for Boosting Conversion Rates

Just reaching 1000 followers on social networks or driving massive traffic to your site is not enough to grow your business in the hypercompetitive small business landscape. To maximize your conversion rate, you need to target the right customers and build strong relationships with them.

To convince customers to buy from you and encourage them to come back, you need to use conversion rate optimization (CRO) tools. 

Social Proof Tools

When making buying decisions, customers rely on peer reviews. According to BrightLocal, almost 90% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. In marketing psychology, the phenomenon that individual buyers conform to the opinions of the mass is called social proof. 

One of the most effective ways to use social proof in your marketing and sales strategy is to show real-time customer statistics. That way, you will build trust with customers, increase their fear of missing out, and gain industry credibility. 

Use a conversion rate optimization tool like Cue that will show real-time notifications of your recent leads and purchases in a tiny popup at the bottom of your website. You can even A/B test different versions of the popup. It lets you change the shape and position of the popup, choose your tone of voice, and customize your text. 

CRM Systems

Customer relationship management (CRM) software integrates with most marketing and sales tools your teams use. It records customer data, such as their phone number, social media accounts, website, geolocation, and email, and stores it in a central location.

Salesforce, for example, is an integrated CRM system that brings your marketing, sales, and customer support teams together. It lets you track and manage customer relationships and centralizes customer data in a single, shared platform. That way, you will get an in-depth view of each customer. Above all, all departments will have the same access to customer data.

Sales Gamification Tools

One of the most effective ways to improve your sales teams’ performance is to recognize their effort and encourage healthy competition. That is where sales gamification software steps in. Managers choose the metrics they will use to rate their sales agents’ success. The sales gamification tool will use the performance data from your CRM system and rate employee performance against the metrics you have set. 

Hoopla pulls employee data from Salesforce. It lets you create simple and visually appealing leaderboards to highlight top-performing sales team members. You can also create badges to celebrate employees’ accomplishments and share them with the rest of the organization. Hoopla also uses many gamification options. For example, a sales agent could challenge another agent to see who will generate more leads and sales within a specified time frame. 

Heatmapping Tools

Website heatmaps are behavior analytics tools that offer insights into your users’ browsing behaviors. With their help, you will understand how your visitors interact with individual pages on your website – where they click, how far they usually scroll, what types of offers they ignore, etc. 

Hotjar, for example, provides heat maps and screen recording options, allowing you to monitor how users view your pages and how they navigate through your website. It also offers advanced analytics features that let you track the performance of your pages. By comparing heatmaps with page analytics, you will be able to understand why certain elements on your website do not convert.

Feedback Software

Collecting customer feedback is critical for the success of your business. It allows you to understand your target audiences’ needs, problems, and frustrations so you can improve their experiences with your brand. 

By investing in a feedback tool, you will be able to engage users and collect their feedback more naturally. Those tools include surveys, polls, user testing programs, etc.

With SurveyMonkey, you can create different types of customer satisfaction surveys and gather customer feedback via weblink, email, mobile chat, or social media

Qualroo, on the other hand, lets you create a live Net Promoter Score survey. While browsing through your website, a user will see the popup, asking them how likely they are to recommend your business to a friend.

Lead Capture Tools

Like their mere name says, lead capture tools allow you to find new sales opportunities. For example, this could be a sign-up form on your website or quote request. Your goal is to collect customers’ emails so you can engage them and start building relationships with them.

For example, HelloBar lets you create a popup form on your site to grow your email list, spread the word about your social pages, promote sales and deals, etc. The tool allows you to change the design of the popup, target your messages, and A/B test the performance of popups to choose the one that performs the best.

Over to You

Your sales team is now equipped with the right sales tools and ready to boost customer conversion rates. These types of CRO tools will help you maximize the performance of your sales team by creating healthy competition. 

You will be able to target the right customers, build trust with them, and analyze their interactions with your website. Above all, you will capture customer information and turn them into leads and paying customers.

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