How to Overcome Cold Call Anxiety?

How to Overcome Cold Call Anxiety?

Nobody likes cold calling and people have negative reactions for this term. In fact, it will not be wrong to say that most people absolutely hate cold calling. Basically, calling up strangers and trying to convince them to buy something has become a waste of time for the sales people.

But the fact of the matter remains that cold calling is a legitimate and established form of marketing that can make businesses earn huge profits if used in a right way. However, the task of cold calling creates fear in the heart of salespeople and become worse when they dislike cold calling. For many people, the fear of cold calling is practically an epidemic, similar to that of public speaking. Cold calling fear is painful and has become a daily struggle for salespeople and for entrepreneurs who have been trained in traditional selling techniques.

Here are some tips that will help you how to overcome the fear of cold calling:

You need to realize that the problem is inside you as there is nothing physical about this. It is not possible to see the people on phone, so your fear will disappear when you realize that your fear is mostly due to your perception. Also, you need strong motivation and a will to succeed.

Do not worry about the rejection as it is with everyone, the pain of which usually lasts for a second or two. It really does not matter with whom you are talking with as you are never going to see these people and you are never going to have to talk to them again.

Another way to overcome your cold calling fear is to simply set goals for the number of calls you want to make in a fixed time. Also, you can set goals on how many calls you should like to make in a day. On doing this, your focus will become good and you will stop thinking about the other people on the other end of the line. Eventually, this will make you focus more on meeting your goals and beating your own expectations.

Appreciate yourself whenever you meet your goals. May be by taking a break or a quick walk around the office work for you. Another crucial tip is to train yourself to remain happy and satisfied with the little things. Find happiness in just introducing yourself to the caller.

Have you ever tried to find out the reason behind the fear of cold calling?  If you know the reason and still is becoming for you to overcome your fear then realize the worst case scenario. Thinking the worst possible thing can happen by cold calling someone. That scenario is them saying no what you have to offer.

Being new to cold calling, it is not going to be a perfect at it right way regardless of how much you practice beforehand. The sales reps need to understand that being a successful cold caller that you can only get by making those calls. In the beginning, just think of these calls as a way to introduce yourself to potential clients and to get your name in their minds. Remember, you every caller may not want to purchase your products today, but they will have your name in their mind when they decide to purchase your products or services.

Once you become comfortable in introducing yourself to your potential clients, now you can work on your sales pitch.  You should even start this with each call that you make, after a few days, making cold calls will just be like an easy thing to you and you will see your increasing success rate.

To summarize, the above discussed tips will help you decrease your fear of making those all-important cold calls while increasing your rate of success.

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