What is Digital Selling Workshop?

digital selling workshop

Digital selling is essentially leveraging digital media for sales. It includes all activities related to digital sales such as sales automation, online presentations, CRM, digital documentation, and many more such activities. Digital selling is not just a marketing initiative. On the contrary, it warrants a shift in focus by the entire organization. Hence, a digital selling workshop is required to align various teams in the organization towards the shift.

In recent years digital selling has emerged as an exciting concept because it has the potential to transform the entire organization into a “selling machine.” Digging a little deeper into digital selling reveals that it entails several online marketing strategies. These include SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile, and many more. Digital selling leverages all these strategies to drive revenue.

Digital Selling entails the seller listening to the buyer and sharing relevant content that helps engage better. Digital Selling brings together larger elements in the organization together. It is not just about the marketing department creating content. Digital selling is about creating an organizational structure around your content and developing an ecosystem to measure the content consumption by your audience.

Keeping pace in the digital space is a challenge because the rate of change is accelerating. To keep pace with the changes, ongoing training is the need of the hour. To ensure that the sales needle moves in the right direction, the strategies need to be refreshed and measured against ROI benchmarks.

In the present day scenario, an untrained sales professional has no place. Every salesperson needs to be trained to get insights into digital selling. A digital selling workshop is organized to enhance the capabilities of the sales teams to reach their goals.

Digital Selling involves several people working in tandem. Various activities involved include research, creation, organization, and distribution of content at the core.

Before launching a digital selling workshop, it is a good idea to identify the organization’s goals and its success metrics. You also need to establish a method to measure these metrics. This will provide you an insight as to how your team is performing. What are the strategies that you can continue with and what strategies need to be altered?

A Digital Selling Workshop Focuses On:

Digital Research

Digital research to identify market trends is required. This helps find out the factors influencing the customers within your industry.

Sales Enablement

Social tools are leveraged along with digital research to target key decision-makers and capture vital data for CRM.


Improving business relationships by managing and analyzing customer interactions plus data throughout the customer lifecycle.

Social Content

Leveraging social channels and targeted social campaigns to interact and engage with prospects.

Digital Sales Messaging

Creating and optimizing sales messages according to the needs of your target audience.


Sparking positive engagements by identifying KPIs.

Social Account Management

Leveraging cross-selling and up-selling opportunities through post-sales processes for managing social and digital accounts.

Digital Leadership

The entire process of digital selling starts at the top. The leaders need to take charge of all sales efforts to steer the organization in the right direction.


All the business and other strategies work in alignment with a common digital selling goal.

These are the basic areas that the digital selling workshop focuses on. However, digital selling is a dynamic field. It is a field that is constantly evolving. Therefore, the digital selling workshop is not a one-time workshop. There is a need for the organization to organize workshops regularly so that the teams can keep pace with the changes in the field.

The digital selling workshop should focus on KPIs while making changes in CRM to track them. A well-planned and effective digital selling program creates behavioral changes and measurable outcomes that enhance return on investment.

Wrapping Up

An ongoing digital selling workshop is vital for the success of any business amid the dynamic marketplace. There is for organizations to develop a holistic digital selling program that is led by the front and percolates to every department.

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