Viruses And Their World

Mysterious Existence Of Viruses


There are three essential things to sustain the human civilization and other organism species on earth. First one is water which is covered by a quote that, "Thousands have lived without love, Not one without water". Second is 'Meal"; and the third one is the ecosystem which includes management of earth's conditions.

Since the origin of life, several things had given their contribution to life, likely to be aerobic and anaerobic factors. Due to the variation of time, all things are changed but one thing is not changed since the beginning of Era's, that’s “The Virus”. There is no evidence which shows that how the viruses were formed during different era's for the specific organism species to illustrate their effect through their body. In the today's world, many diseases have been arrived due to viral affections. There are several kinds of viral affections for each organism species to sustain their community inside the host cell by invading the organism body cells which tends to the death of an organism by improper medication. 

Why the viruses haven't their phenotype (Physical structure)

If we observe the different theories of the origin of life, in the Modern theory of the origin of life, it has been well established that organic molecular interaction helps in the formation of a living cell and arrival of life. So, the "Cosmosoic theory” is very helpful to convey the idea of the existence of viruses on the earth. According to this theory, Seldom comets and meteors were felt down on the earth surface and leads to the presence of some new molecules which helps to form the DNA which were very different and hasn't any capability to make their phenotypic structure according to the ambient conditions of the earth. Implementation on this is very clear that viral DNA/RNA is still finding its suitable ambient conditions which help it to form its body structure/to illustrate its genome in the précised manner by the formation of a phenotype, to sustain its structure with no end of its DNA/RNA entity, it invades tissue/cells for the intake of nutrients which helps it to be activated into the host cell for a long period.

Viruses as an organism

We can assume the phenotype of virus as an organism as similar to the scavenger which has formidable truths. There are many chances of it to be a danger and destructive organism species (if it would exist) and a big danger for the whole organism civilization of the earth. We can compare it with a zombie who has only one goal to affect others and have a preferable and resembled habitat as plants, animals, and humans as well. So, it’s a good thing that virus haven’t any phenotype as an organism.

Is virus came from the Antimatter world

There are no analytics and proofs of viruses that they are the antimatter world or parallel universe DNA/RNA containing particles which was mistakenly got entered through the arrival of dimensional opening or a wormhole because during the initiative Era’s there could be possibilities of huge blast events which makes the pathway of two times dimensional region (two types of world which have different time as well as entities of components). To support this hypotheses, Observe our DNA which haven’t any capability to affect any organism cell because it have no anti components with which it can react (anti components seems for the opposite qualitative entities which can’t tolerate both in a sustainable manner; ex. Two opposite charges lead to the induction of current due to release of energy). But still, we can’t implement it to be right.

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