5 Top Features of Real Diamonds


Diamond is known to exhibit a lot of unique and distinguishing features over the other stones available. Though, today with the changing scenario there are many ways by which by which the synthetic diamonds can not only be made but can have all the qualities and features just like the real diamonds. The main concern which the people should hold is to find the real diamond jewellery products.

 There are many features and characteristics that a real diamond has. While just like most of the people, you love diamonds and enjoy investing and buying diamond jewelry, then you must completely understand the distinguishing characteristics and features of the diamonds so that you always make the right choice of buying only the real diamonds.

Although diamonds have some very unique characteristics, you may know already some of them, but the core ones which lets you identify a real diamond, you will come to know after reading this article. Here you will read some of the key features of diamonds which will help you identify a real diamond from a haystack of fake ones. Also, it is necessary to know these points as at some point of your life you will be going to buy diamond jewellery. Maybe whether it’s for your wife or any other woman, this little knowledge will be helpful.

To highlight the distinguishing features and to make people aware of the top features of diamonds, here is a list of some of the top most features of the real diamonds. As a research done by the fashion bit list, the top 5 features about diamonds that the world must know are as follow:

  1. Hardness: Real diamonds are known to be the strongest metals. The real diamonds are so strong that they cannot break easily. If you have a diamond that breaks easily after a fall, then you have certainly invested in a fake diamond. Real diamonds just don't break because of their strength and formulation process and conditions.
  2. Light reflection: The real diamond also has the feature to reflect the light irrespective of the direction or side from which it is entering or being tested. The ray of light when enters the diamond, hits the bottom of its surface and then due to the inclination in the shape, it bounces back to the surface and then comes out from some other side, causing the diamond to sparkle.
  3. Coolness: A real diamond does not get heated up by the flames. When the real diamond s subject to heat even for a longer period of time, it does not get heated, rather it remains cool. Whereas, a fake diamond will easily get heated up when it is subjected to heat or flames. Be careful to look at this characteristic.
  4. No scratches: Real diamonds also have this feature that they cannot be scratched so easily. The pure and real diamond will not have any scratches on its surface and thus can easily be identified and distinguished amongst the synthetic diamonds. If your diamond piece gets scratched easily and even with a little thing, then there are chances that you have invested in a fake diamond.
  5. Do not have clear perception: The most amazing feature of the real diamond is that it does not hold a transparent perception. This means that the owner of the real diamond cannot look through from whereas the fake diamonds gives a clear perception when looking through them. The real diamonds are often mistaken to be completely transparent but they are not.

That’s all about the various point that will help you identify a real diamonds. So from now on, keep them in mind and use recall the, when you visit a jewellery shop.

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