Learning to Love Your Mom Bod

Mom Bod

What relationship do you have with the mirror? Do you like to see your reflection, the curves of your body, and the details of your face? Or do you reject your image because you don't consider it up to your standards?

Yes, because when you are in front of a mirror, the only judge is you, you are the person who submits to the judgment and, at the same time, the one who issues the sentence. And the verdict is rarely lenient.

In this article, I would like to show you that accepting and liking yourself is all a psychological matter and that you can have a happy relationship with the mirror and with the people around you. The secret? Break down some constructions of your mind and learn to love your mom body. However, Mommy makeover surgery can help you restore your pre-pregnancy form if you want.

10 Practices to love your mom bod

  1. Write down all the things your body allows you to do on a piece of paper. Do you love those things? Then you must also love and respect your body because without its support you would not be able to dedicate yourself to the activities you like to do, those that give you satisfaction and make life pleasant.
  2. Think about the people who have been most important in your life: your parents, a friend who was close to you in your time of need, a teacher who spurred you on, a person who was able to motivate and inspire you. Write down the positive things each of them has brought to your life. And now think: how much has their body influenced in the ability to give you positive emotions, advice, affection? Not much, right? This should make you understand that you need to reevaluate the place you assign to the physical element, your body, on your scale of values.
  3. Respect your mom bod: The mom bod is a sign of achievement of a woman. 
  4. Put yourself first, everything else comes later. If you are very clear that you are your priority and that everything starts from your well-being and your happiness, the judgments, doubts, fears will be reduced because you will have a certainty: you are the most important thing.
  5. Engage in a physical activity that motivates you. Your goal doesn't have to be I play sports to lose weight but I play sports to keep my body healthy and strong. It is a significant change of perspective.
  6. Accept yourself and stop criticizing yourself. It happens very often and we almost don't realize it: when we talk about ourselves with friends or relatives we tend to amplify what we consider our defects, especially the physical ones. Have you ever complained to a friend about a defect that only you see?
  7. More pen and paper: take them back to write about ten post-its to scatter around the house and on which you will have written: I am unique and perfect as I am. You probably don't realize it, but you can transform what you perceive as terrible flaws into extraordinary weapons, into characteristics capable of making you unique. Try to value your flaw, even with irony. And learn to consider your imperfections a part of you.
  8. Are you convinced that there is a problem with your body? Ok, let's face it. But realistically and scientifically. Do you think you have a few extra pounds? Quantify excess and motivate it. It's not just that I want to be slimmer. There are scientific methods to calculate your fat mass and your ideal weight (BMI index). By entering your values ​​(age, height, waist circumference, hip circumference, etc ...) you get certain and unequivocal data. The indication given to you by this formula has to do with the balance you need to achieve to be healthy. Because, don't forget, your health is the most important thing.
  9. Stop worrying about the judgment of others and focus only on yourself. Give the people around you a constructive, non-destructive role.
  10. Don't judge your body based on the models you see on TV, the famous people you would like to emulate. Very often what you see is not what they look like. The issue of photographic retouching was unveiled several years ago and has opened up notable glimmers of light. So pay attention to the goals you set yourself and try to always be rational: do not get barked at by the idea of ​​perfection (which does not exist!) But rather pursue that of a healthy and fit body, without worrying too much about the pounds. 

Remember: if you are not able to appreciate and value yourself, you will always be dissatisfied with your body, regardless of the pounds you have lost and the result you have obtained. The same people you admire, your favorite singer, that model with a statuesque physique and wiry legs, they too fight your same battle, they too are unhappy and dissatisfied with their bodies. Does it seem impossible to you? But it is true. Because, as I told you at the beginning, in most cases our dissatisfaction is caused by our mind, by a psychological construction we have created, not by a real problem or physical defect.

With this post I hope I have given you some ideas to think about. Don't think my purpose is to make you feel guilty. I don't think the reason you don't accept your mom bod is due to a superficial attitude and I don't consider your battle with the mirror useless. But I want to make you understand that if before pointing out each of your defects you try to recognize what are your strengths and the positive elements you already have, you will be able to analyze the whole thing more objectively.

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