Top 10 Mom Blogs That Keep It Real About Motherhood

Mom blogs

Motherhood is not easy. It’s more of a journey with twists and turns where you learn new things every other day. Besides that, you will need to feel someone relates to what you’re going through. As a mother, a few things will change and even your circle of friends may become smaller. This leaves many moms feeling all alone. 

Luckily, mommy blogging has been on the rise since back in the day. Mom blogs consist of real-life experiences from other moms who have been in the same shoes and understand the challenges of modern-day motherhood. No matter your parenting style or interests, this list consists of the top mom blogs to follow this year.

Global Moms Magazine

This is an all-round blog with everything to do with parenting and kids. In addition to news blogs, there is content on pregnancy nutrition, parenting, kid’s songs and entertainment, healthy foods, and more. This site basically offers parenting materials in one package. They also share all other mommy stories. If you are a mom who has a lot of real-life experience, then feel happy to create a member account and share your stories through their "Create Story" page. GlobalMomsMagazine has a forum option where all mothers can discuss their real-life problems and solutions.

At home with Natalie

Natalie Lesnefsky is a blogger and YouTuber in charge of the At Home with Natalie blog. Kids love parties and at some point, you will have to plan a birthday party for your son or daughter. Natalie specializes in party planning and helps other mothers pull off epic parties for their children.


This is a site that consists of real-life accounts from mothers. You will find lots of educational resources any mother can relate to or has even experienced. Many of the pieces on the site are also quite interesting.


Babble is a popular site among mothers probably because it’s powered by Disney. The site comprises articles on various topics like pregnancy, entertainment, and recipes for foods kids will love.

Baby Boy Bakery

The loss of a child is a devastating experience no one is prepared to encounter.  After losing her three-year-old son, Jacqui Saldana dedicated her blog to helping others cope with grief. Jacqui writes about how she was able to cope with the loss of her son and also provides some great family recipes.

Scary Mommy

This is a parenting site that describes itself as a community of parents. According to the site, parenting is not meant to be perfect. That said, there is plenty to learn from this site since it consists of many parents sharing their real-life experiences.

Lucie’s list

This site is termed as a survival guide for new moms. Aside from that, it’s a site meant to equip first-time moms with the knowledge and tips they need to get through motherhood. You will also find information on pregnancy, baby products and so much more.

Pregnant chicken

The funny title should already give you a hint that humor is involved. Pregnant chicken provides different categories of content all with helpful information and most of which many mothers can relate. You will not only enjoy reading the content but also have a good laugh.

Pregnancy after loss support

Pregnancy after loss is no ordinary experience and can be quite a difficult journey. You are happy about the new baby that’s on the way but also scared. You want to be joyous and excited for the baby while protecting your heart at the same time. In the end, you find yourself torn between all these feelings. Through the personal stories of others, you get the emotional support to get past the most difficult times.

Tech Savvy Mom

In the modern world, technology is inevitable and we need it in many ways. Tech Savvy Mom brings to the table all the info parents are looking for when it comes to technology and the impact it has on their children. You can find a couple of genuine product reviews, tips on screen time practices, and a lot more. 

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