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The holiday season is a profitable period for every marketer. In fact, a quarter of e-commerce revenue is generated during the holiday season. Therefore, if you wish to make the most out of this holiday season, it is high time you plan your holiday email campaign the right way. 

5 Deadly Email Marketing Blunders to Avoid by Startups and Small Businesses

Most startup organizations and small businesses do email marketing for the growth of sales and revenue in their business. As a matter of fact, according to Radiciti Group, the number of business and consumer emails sent per day in 2018 was more than 281 billion, which is expected to grow more than 333 billion by 2022.

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Are you an email marketer looking to master the Mailchimp email advertising platform? Read this article and learn how to maximize your email marketing strategy.

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As a businessman why do you even need to learn email marketing strategy or strategies? Aren't email just emails? Why do you need to change the way you compose your newsletters? Didn't we all learn how to compose letters when we were in our lower years?

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Email marketing is like a two-faced coin, it can boost your business or can create a poor experience in front of your prevailing/target audience. However, which side shall face up, is in your hand.

Email Marketing

Email is a great tool to deliver targeted content to interested subscribers. Make sure all your emails are delivered to the intended recipients by designing your email right to accomplish maximum benefits. 

In order to improve the business image in the market and to increase its visibility through responsive Desktop email template is one of the best marketing tools