All You Need to Know During First-time Parenting

First-time Parenting

The day when you get to know that you are expecting, your mind starts to prepare your body for the future. With the changes in your body, your brain also starts to prepare for the days ahead. Pregnancy is indeed a difficult phase—mood swings, morning sickness, difficulty breathing and walking, etc. You get through all of this, thinking nothing can be more complicated than this. 

Little did you know, the real journey begins when you have your baby in your hand. After getting through hours of labor pain, you give birth to a beautiful baby—now that you have the baby in your hand, you finally enter into the world of 'Parenthood'!

Now that you are home with your little one, the first 30 days can be extremely exhausting. As a first-time parent, you are exploring everything, and you might not be feeling the best. No parent is perfect; it takes time to understand how everything works. The parenting tips by trusted Mom's below will help you in the initial days of parenthood. 


Naturally, you will love your baby the most, but connecting with the baby is a process. As a first-time parent, you will face some difficulties in bonding. Your baby will cry for no reason, and you have to make things right for him. You need to understand the needs accordingly. The baby can only communicate his needs by crying. 


Ensure that both mommy and daddy are having a good time with their baby, and they are making a bond. Cradle the baby by gently holding him close to you. Skin-to-skin contact increases the bond and makes the baby feel the warmth. Whenever your baby is crying, soothe him by cradling. 


Babies respond positively to infant massages. Such massages enhance bonding and help in growth and development. However, you need to be careful—babies are not strong, gently massage them with baby oil. 


Swaddling is a beautiful technique when it comes to soothing babies. Though, it may not work for all the babies. Proper swaddling keeps the baby's arm together and leaves some space for the movement of the legs. Swaddling keeps a baby warm and provides security and comfort.

Yes To Help:

Being a parent is not easy, especially when you are becoming it for the first time. Maintaining sanity is extremely important for you and your baby, as the needs and demands of the baby can drain you mentally and physically. You need to give importance to mental health as it can lead to postpartum depression. 

Leave the charge:

With a newborn in your hand, you cannot handle your home as you used to. You must be a perfect homemaker, but now that you are a parent, you cannot do everything independently. A baby is a big responsibility, and there will be hundreds of things you need to do in a day for your baby. If someone is offering you help, just say yes! Your body needs time too if you are baby is sleeping—forget about everything and sleep. 


You might not be habitual of taking help and assistance, but now you need someone to help you. Whether you have delivered naturally or by c-section, you will need help in the initial days. With the pain of episiotomies, you cannot just be normal with everything. If someone is asking to stay with you or offering help with baby chores, there is no shame in taking the assistance. 

Basics of Nursing:

The first few days will be extremely exhausting, as you will understand the process. Besides, you may have heard about other mother's experiences regarding feeding. However, not every baby needs to be the same. 

Lactation consultant:

If you are finding difficulty while lactating, you can go to a lactation consultant. There is no shame in seeking help and advice. Besides, parenting classes also educate you about the process of lactation. Moreover, if you find difficulty connecting with the baby during a feed, talk to someone you trust. 


Burping is important for the baby right after every feed. No matter how sleepy you are, make sure that your baby has burped. After the feed, hold your baby gently upright and his head on your shoulder. Support the baby and the head, gently pat on the back with your other hand. Keeping on soothing the back until he burps. 

Patterns of Sleeping:

You might not sleep properly during the last trimester, but you must have heard other parents advising you to enjoy the sleep during the last days. Once you have the baby, you will feel tired 24/7 for the first few days, and there is nothing you can do about it. 

Stop obsessing over sleep:

You are a first-time parent; things might not be the same as before. Now, you have a responsibility, and you cannot sleep soundly. You have to make sure that your baby is comfortable. Sacrificing good sleep happens with all the parents. Stop obsessing over the fact that you are tired. 

Take shifts:

Only one parent cannot take full responsibility. Sleeping is important for every human, and without sleep, one cannot function properly. Mommy and Daddy should take turns; this will help both the parents in maintaining their sanity.


If you are thinking that you will be following your old routine—you are wrong! The baby will gradually develop habits, and you cannot just make a routine for him in two days. Besides, the baby's routine will change every other, and there is nothing you can do. All you need to do is relax and adjust. 

Umbilical Cord Care and basic about Circumcision:

If you have a baby boy, then you need to get the circumcision done. Besides, you need to learn how to take care of the umbilical cord until it falls on its own. 


On the recommendation of the doctor, get the circumcision done as soon as possible. Coat the penis tip with petroleum jelly—make sure that the wound does not get close to the diaper. Also, make sure that you are cleaning the tip with warm water after every diaper change. The redness and irritation are normal, and it will heal on its own. If there is any swelling, you better consult the doctor. 

Umbilical Cord:

The umbilical cord will fall on its own, but it is important to ensure that it does not catch any infection or pus. Swab the area with rubbing alcohol and until the cord stump dries. It usually takes 10 to 20 days, so there is no need to worry.

You will find difficulty handling the newborn in the first few days, but it will get better in the coming days. Being a parent is indeed a beautiful phase, and nothing can match the feeling of being a parent. Be confident, and explore the period of 'Parenthood.'

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