Do you Know the Benefits of Coloring in Children?

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Who does not remember his childhood between pencils, markers, colors, and drawings? Almost all children have enjoyed the coloring experience. We unleashed our imagination and creativity by painting and coloring. Coloring is a fun activity that many children enjoy, but do we know all the benefits of coloring in children? Let's see!

7 Benefits of coloring in children

There is no doubt that coloring is a fun and educational activity for children. When a child paints or colors, he is enjoying and learning to explore and understand the world around him. Through their drawings, they learn to express themselves and also the value of effort, concentration, and practice.

If we pay attention to their drawings, adults can also learn a lot about our children. In them, the children express their feelings, their thoughts, and their ideas. They can enjoy the festivals like drawing with Christmas coloring pages or paw patrol coloring pages.

A simple blank paper or coloring pictures that we can find in stationery stores or even on the internet.

1. Improves psychomotor skills

One of the benefits of coloring in children is the development of motor skills. Coloring is a great activity for developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. By trying to color without leaving the outline of the drawing, they improve and train these skills that are so useful for the literacy phase.

2. Development of creativity

Children when color or paint let their imagination run wild. They have no preset patterns so they can imagine and draw what they want: the sun in their world can be blue and the sea can be yellow, they can draw everything that passes through their free mind. In this way, they convey their feelings and the way they see themselves and the way they perceive the world around them through their drawings and colors.

Some studies carried out in this regard show that coloring activates both hemispheres of the brain. It means that by enjoying this task they not only develop creativity but also logical thinking. So, Christmas coloring pages or paw patrol coloring pages can be a great practice of creativity development.

3. Stimulates concentration

The painting stimulates careful consideration from an early age. When painting and coloring, children easily concentrate, they forget everything around them. When they are making a drawing they put all their attention on it. I rarely see my children as focused as when they are coloring!

4. Improve self-esteem

Another benefit of coloring in children is that it helps them develop their self-esteem. Children feel good about themselves while painting or coloring and then show pride in their results. When they see that they are doing better every time, that they do not go out of the way, or when they manage to make a drawing that they like a lot, they feel happy and satisfied.

While children are painting, they carry out an activity that they like and also later their parents or teachers praise them for it, thus increasing their self-esteem. At home, we have a wall where we hang those drawings that my children feel most satisfied with, and that makes them feel important, valid, and fills them with pride. And me too as the mother of these little artists!

5. Promotes the development of emotional intelligence

Coloring is an ideal method to develop emotional intelligence. It helps them to know each other and understand the world. It helps them to express themselves even when they are not able to do so through words.

6. Improve learning

As they color the children are learning. Colors, shapes, new words, letters, number s. If we provide drawing templates with these elements represented, while they color and paint they are acquiring new concepts and knowledge.

7. Helps them relax

Being an activity that requires concentration, when they are immersed in their colors and their drawings, children forget their "worries" or "stresses." Coloring is a relaxing activity, which is why more and more adults are dedicated to coloring mandalas or other figures. It helps to put stress aside while having a nice and quiet time.

Paint and color

We have already seen, painting and coloring are more than just entertainment. It is an activity that we can do as a family, how about an afternoon drawing all together?

So let's provide our children with all the necessary material so that they can paint and color as they please, let them unleash their imagination, get stained, experiment with different textures and materials, develop their creativity. Maybe we will discover a great little artist! And in any case, they will be enjoying an activity full of benefits and possibilities.

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