The 3 Biggest Myths of Yoga

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The traditional discipline of yoga dating back to Indus- civilization is a practice of healing the human race. A system that involves diverse techniques to unite the body, mind, and soul, to purify the energy centers for free-flowing prana, to stabilize the monkey mind, and to assist the individual on the path of health, wellness, prosperity, and fortune. This glorious art of making the body-mind strong is tremendously growing in popularity and is being practiced by many across the globe, all desiring to live a healthier and happier life. Like its burgeoning vogue, the myths and stereotypes surrounding this mystical practice are also mushrooming refraining many people to delve into the practice of the most nourishing form of art ever known to mankind-- Yoga.

Here are the three biggest myths of yoga circulating in the real and virtual world.  Let’s separate the fact from the fiction.


Myth 1: Yoga is a Religion:

Because of its ancient Indian roots and ties to Hinduism, several believe that Yoga is Hindu and promotes religion just like Gravity is Christian, as the law of gravity was propounded by Isaac Newton. However, reality begs to differ. It is true that Yoga originated in India and is built on native spirituality. But it is purely a science of getting to know the body, mind, and soul. It is a holistic curative method that is effective in treating chronic illnesses such as Asthma, Diabetes, Arthritis and so much more. The science of well-being involves various tools such as yoga postures, breathing techniques, mantra, yoga Nidra, meditation, etc., that stimulate every organ of the body and confers the practitioners with a strong physique. A journey to our inner consciousness, an exploration that intensifies our sense of being, this art form has no religious connotations.

Myth 2: Yoga is for Flexible People:

One of the preconceived notions about the art of yoga is that you need a flexible and limber body to practice it. There many individuals who actively speak that they cannot take up yoga practice because they do not have a super bendy or lithe physique to perform the yoga postures. However, the reality is the opposite. Flexibility and lean physique are the by-products of yoga and not a prerequisite for the science of yoga. Yoga is for everyone! As you undergo the practice of yoga postures, eventually you shall notice an improvement in your flexibility. The regular performance of yoga asanas stretches the muscles, loosens up the stiff joints, and makes you pliant. If you are overly flexible, yoga helps you gain strength and stability.


Myth 3: Yoga is purely a Physical Practice:

Last but not the least, yoga is a physical practice deprived of mental and spiritual aspects. Whenever the word “yoga” conjures up, several people associate it with the physical practice of body movements (Asanas). The modern word highly represents yoga with the physical aspect. But the truth is, yoga is a physical as well as a mental and spiritual discipline. The oldest works of literature on yoga significantly highlight the practice of meditation, chanting of mantras, learning of yoga philosophy, etc., to be as important as the practice of yoga postures. In a deeper sense, yoga is a psychical practice that aims to silent the fluctuations of the mind as well as a spiritual discipline designed to lead the practitioners towards a state of enlightenment-- Samadhi.


Spend some time learning about the myths and misconceptions circulating about the system of yoga. Embrace the truth, step on a yoga mat, and delve into the practice of this glorious science.

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